A Look Back at Packing Tips from ITN Subscribers in the Year 2002

In late 2019, ITN subscriber Tressie Alvernaz of Lakeside, California, wrote, “There are three articles with very helpful packing tips that were printed in ITN way back in 2002 and which I have kept all these years.

“They are 'The Ultimate Packing List' (Aug. '02, pg. 77), 'Packing Light — the Bare Necessities of Travel' (Sept. '02, pg. 60) and 'The Ultimate Pre-trip “To Do” List' (Oct. '02, pg. 58).

“I think other subscribers would like them, too, but they are not on ITN's website. Please consider posting them there for others to see.”

For you reference or, at the least, for your nostalgic perusal, here are three of those reader-generated compilations.” (The advertisements, now out of date, have been deleted.)

And we're taking Tressie's suggestion one step further and coming up with an updated Ultimate Packing List as well as an updated Bare Necessities of Travel List, with subscribers sending in their current, “modern” master packing lists. Once those are compiled, the new lists will be posted here. Watch this space! — Editor, ITN