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Protests over a new citizenship law in India enacted on Dec. 12, 2019, which denies citizenship to immigrants from neighboring Muslim countries unless those immigrants are non-Muslim minorities, broke out in Delhi on Feb. 23, coinciding with the arrival of President Donald Trump. Clashes between groups for and against the law occurred, leading to religious and ethnic street violence that, at press time, had killed at least 37 people. A large number of injuries had also been reported. As of...


Following the release of a proposed peace plan for Israel and Palestine by President Donald Trump, a plan roundly criticized by Palestinians and neighboring countries in the Middle East, protests broke out in the West Bank and Gaza, occasionally becoming violent.

In clashes with Israeli police and armed forces, two Palestinians and one Arab Israeli were killed on Feb. 6. At least 16 Israelis were wounded during the clashes; most injuries were minor.

From Gaza, rockets and...


In central Thailand, a soldier opened fire on groups of people in the city of Nakhon Ratchasima on Feb. 9, killing 29, with his commanding officer and that officer’s mother-in-law the first to be killed. The soldier next fired on a Buddhist temple before moving on to a shopping center, where he remained for hours until police killed him in a shootout. It was the first recorded mass-shooting event in the country.

The shooter had been involved in a land-development business with...


In Nigeria’s northeastern Borno state, a group of militants attacked a roadside rest stop in the town of Auno on Feb. 9, burning people alive who were sleeping in their cars and kidnapping women and children. At least 30 people were killed in the attack.

Authorities blamed Islamists for the attack but do not know which group operating in the region may have been responsible. The Islamist militant group Boko Haram, allied with Daesh (ISIL), has been engaged in an insurgency in...


A gunman opened fire on two hookah bars in the city of Hanau, western Germany, on the evening of Feb. 19, killing eight people and injuring five others. Each of the people shot was of Middle Eastern or Turkish origin.

The gunman was later found dead of suicide in his home along with the body of his mother, whom it is believed he also murdered. He was identified as a German citizen who had expressed far-right and anti-immigrant beliefs on the internet. He was licensed to own the gun he...


A man drove his car into a group of people celebrating Carnival in the city of Volkmarsen, Germany, on Feb. 24, injuring 76, including himself. According to witnesses, the man intentionally drove into the crowd and appeared to target children.

The driver, who is being held on charges of attempted murder, was identified as “Maurice P.,” a German citizen who had previously been charged only with misdemeanors. Any motivation for the attack had not been released by authorities...


Three people, two from China and one from Australia, were stabbed and injured in a knife attack on the island of Hulhumale, Maldives, on Feb. 4. A local group with ties to the Islamist militant group Daesh claimed responsibility. Three men, described by police as “Jihadists,” were arrested for the attack.

Though the Maldives is a Muslim country, Islamic terrorism is rare. A citizen was arrested in 2019 after being identified as a Daesh recruiter by US intelligence. He was...


A Pegasus Airlines plane flying into Istanbul’s Sabiha Gökçen International Airport from İzmir, western Turkey, with 185 people skidded off the runway and split apart while landing on Feb. 5, killing three and injuring 180. The crash was blamed on weather conditions at the time — heavy wind and rain.

The incident was the second within a month to involve a Pegasus flight skidding off a runway at that airport; a Jan. 7 flight overran a runway but caused no injuries.