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ITN presents travelers' candid, firsthand accounts and appraisals of overseas destinations, tours, cruises, airlines, hotels, etc., plus travel tips, special experiences, perspectives on travel, etc. For publication, Feature Articles and letters are accepted from subscribers only.

When you send in your feature-length article, keep in mind. . .

  • Feature Articles cover a destination or experience in detail and tend to be 1,000 to 1,500 words long.
  • All Feature Articles must include photos (with captions).
  • ITN only covers destinations outside of the United States.
  • With any article, include your name and the mailing address at which you receive ITN. An e-mail address as well as a phone number for possible follow-up questions from our editors is appreciated.
  • Articles and letters selected for publication will appear first in the magazine and later on the website.
  • With any article, remember to include travel DATES (specific calendar dates or the beginning and ending dates of a trip, tour, cruise, etc.), PRICES you paid (if airfare was included, from where to where?) and CONTACT INFORMATION for any firms and establishments mentioned, such as a tour company, shop, etc. (When writing about a cruise, name both the ship and the ship line. For any hotel or restaurant/cafĂ© mentioned, include its address or an idea of its location.)
  • ITN only accepts articles written in the first-person point of view ("I did this," "We saw that").
  • If you received travel, products or services for free or at a discount from any company or place that you’re writing about, you must disclose that fact.
  • For more details on submitting an article or photographs plus what NOT to forget to include in any write-up, refer to our full Publication Guidelines.

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