The interior of Strasbourg’s cathedral includes an elaborately carved stone pulpit from the 1400s (lower right) and an exquisite gold-leafed organ (upper right).

Nestled on the Rhine across the border from Germany, Strasbourg offers your best chance to experience the urban side of France's Alsace region. Each time I walk its people-friendly streets, I'm struck by how progressive and livable the city feels, with generous space devoted to pedestrians and bikes, sleek trams and meandering waterways. With delightful big-city energy and a name that means the "city of streets," Strasbourg is...

The enormous Vasa, decorated with hundreds of wooden statues, was designed to show the power of Sweden’s king. The top-heavy ship sank on its maiden voyage.

Scandinavia's Viking days may be long gone, but its legacy of maritime exploration (and plunder) continues to capture our imagination. Tap into the region's seafaring heritage by visiting excellent museums in Stockholm, Oslo, and just outside Copenhagen.

Scandinavia's entrance into civilized Europe was swift and dramatic. On June 8, 793, a fleet of pirates came ashore on the northeast coast of England and sacked the Lindisfarne...

European emigrants crowd a dock in Antwerp, Belgium, before boarding a Red Star Line ship for New York.

Every year millions of Americans visit Ellis Island, where their ancestors may have arrived from "the old country." But Europehas many excellent "Ellis Islands in reverse" -- museums at the places where millions said goodbye to the land of their birth.

Is there anything more poignant than a person willing to sacrifice everything in pursuit of a better life? That's the story of many hard-scrabble Europeans heading off to dreamed-of opportunities in far...

At the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, artifacts recall the games’ ancient Greek beginnings.

In the southwest corner of Switzerland, Lake Geneva separates France and Switzerland with a serene beauty. A collage of castles, museums, resort towns and vineyards, this region merits a few days of exploration, though you can get a swift overview of its highlights even in a day.

Last summer I took time to relax and enjoy the tranquil and elegant city of Lausanne (the area's best home base). With a characteristic old town, towering cathedral and...

A hawksbill turtle can weigh up to 150 pounds, with a shell 45 inches long. Photo: ©Andrey Armyagov/

Dear Globetrotter:Welcome to the 507th issue of your monthly foreign-travel magazine.

What kind of travel do you do? Are you independent all the way, nothing more than a backpack? Or do you enjoy going on group tours, the more, the merrier? Perhaps you and your travel partner want the assurance of having a guide but prefer the flexibility of a private, customized tour. Others love all that cruising has to offer.

Whatever it was that you did on your last trip, there are other...


Hungary’s capital, Budapest, until 1873 was two separate cities, Buda and Pest, that lay on opposite banks of the Danube River.

Maria Luisa Guzman with the fish balls mixture. Photos by Sandra Scott

In December 2017, several members of our family decided to spend Christmas in San Felipe, where our oldest son has a vacation house. San Felipe is a small, sleepy fishing village on the east coast of the Baja Peninsula, 125 miles south of Calexico. 

The area had changed from the one and only other time my husband, John, and I had visited, 20 years earlier. At that time, we stayed at the only motel in the area. (Interestingly, there was a sign in our room that said, “Do not...


The title of this month’s column is oxymoronic. It would be more appropriate to call it “Trying to be less miserable in coach” (that is, in an airline’s economy-class seat).

If you’re like me, you’ve become inured to the increasingly class-based system of paying for passenger preferences. It’s like background noise: after a while, we don’t really notice it until something new jumps out or we jump back in after a long absence. We go after...