February 2019 Issue

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Features: "Morocco: A serendipitous journey includes the big-city sights of Casablanca, Fes and Marrakech and an overnight under the stars of the Sahara desert" and "India: Seven friends take advantage of a shore stop to enjoy a 3-day luxury safari in Ranthambore National Park, home to more than 60 tigers."

Columns: "The Mindful Traveler: Want the freedom of traveling ultralight? Here’s how to pack and what to pack," "Garden Path: On a visit to Czechia’s capital, visiting the Gardens below Prague Castle," "Rick Steves’ Europe: Switzerland, Denmark, Portugal, Ireland and Italy: Rick names a rewarding “undiscovered” destination in each that’s worth traveling to the remote location" and "Focus on Archaeology: A look at the prehistoric statue-menhirs on the Mediterranean French island of Corsica."

Calling All Readers!: "Managing Things at Home During an Extended Trip : Travelers who are away for more than a month tell how they make sure their homes are safe, their bills get paid, mail is collected, etc. (1 of 2)." 

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Funniest Thing

This month's winner is LINDA FOXLOW of Sarasota, Florida:

We were traveling with some friends in Italy in December 2018 when my husband came out of a public bathroom chuckling.

Calling All Readers! Responses...

When you're away from home for more than 30 days on travel outside of the US, how do you handle your mail, and what arrangements do you make to pay bills, watch the house, etc.?

I had the same questions before my wife, Bonnie, and I took our first extended trip, a 4-month around-the-world cruise in 2012.

• The first issue is the United States Postal Service. Since the USPS will not hold your mail for more than 30 days [without additional authorization — Editor]*, you need to have your mail forwarded to someone else or to another address for the duration of the trip.

away on an extended trip

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