August 2018 Issue

Here are the other articles subscribers will be reading in the August 2018 issue.

Features: "Sri Lanka: This island nation is home to a wealth of cultural treasures, and choosing a local operator enhances an already amazing itinerary" and "UK: Realizing the dream of attending the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo in Scotland is just the beginning of a wonderful journey from city to sea."

Columns: "What's Cooking In... Nepal: It’s Chicken Choyala, from the Kathmandu Valley," "Rick Steves’ Europe: A primer on Great Britain’s royal residences" and "Far Horizons: Following an Aussie’s exploits as he crosses the continent of Australia in a 4x4 (Part 1)."

Calling All Readers!: "The World on $100 a Day: Budget travelers share dollar-stretching secrets (Part 1)" and "A Good Bird-watching: Site Travelers name idyllic locations in which to spot amazing birdlife, also telling when to visit. This month: adventures in Latin America (Part 3)."

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Funniest Thing

This month’s winner is LOREN PARKS of Chico, California:

Calling All Readers! Responses...

Subscribers were invited to write in about places, outside of the US, where they’ve had rewarding sightings of birds. (We cannot accept more submissions.)

In addition to the types of birds they saw, we asked travelers to each tell us where they were and the year/month/time their visit took place. We also wanted to know how difficult it was to reach an area, what equipment would be recommended and what the weather was like.

The most responses were about birds in Latin America, and we’re printing the last of those this month, with letters about other areas to follow.

* * *
My husband, Knox, and I traveled to BRAZIL in July and August of 2012 to study wildlife, with an emphasis on birds. Because Brazil is a very large country, we concentrated on only two areas: the Pantanal of the Central-West Region and also a UNESCO reserve in the Atlantic rainforest, northeast of Rio de Janeiro.

Two hyacinth macaws — the Pantanal, Brazil. Photo by Diane Bell

Pat Ove of Aurora, California, wrote, “Reading Stanley Mui’s article about his 10-day trip to Guadalajara, Mexico, for less than $1,000 (June ’17, pg. 44) brought back many happy memories of the $100-a-day trips my husband and I took for 20 years.

There must be many budget travelers reading ITN who are having exciting adventures discovering the world on $100 a day. I would love to read about their journeys. (For purposes of this information request, and considering inflation, perhaps the total of $100 per day should not include overseas airfare.)” 

Regarding traveling outside of the US on $100 a day (excluding international airfare), ITN subscribers were asked to tell us how they did it and where and when they traveled, specifying modes of transport, types of accommodations used and how those were found plus any other budget-travel tricks. The tips rolled in, and we’re presenting the responses over a few months.

* * *
My sister and I left our husbands home to take care of our pets and gardens and went to explore ITALY on our own for two weeks in July 2014. The idea was to stay close to local life, use public transportation and try to speak the local language.

Casa Betania, our hotel in Cortona, was formerly a monastery.

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