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April 2021 Issue

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    Funniest Thing

    This month’s winner is EMILY MOORE of Greenville, Illinois:

    Several years ago while visiting Salzburg, Austria, my husband and I took the funicular up to Hohensalz burg Fortress and enjoyed videoing the many scenes up there. This was back in the day when video cameras were still quite large, and my husband was carrying his around his neck, letting it hang down, which made it easy to turn on accidentally, wasting a lot of footage.

    Calling All Readers! Responses...

    "He took us on a short tour of the Rathaus, including a chamber in which both President Kennedy and Queen Elizabeth II had once spoken.

    "Imagine our delight when we then found ourselves climbing a ladder up into the tower. With the rain falling just outside the turret walls, we reached the control panel for the Glockenspiel. The man then pulled a couple of tubes ... and started the carousel."

    (excerpt from from Bruce Morrissey's letter)

    David wearing the grape-harvesting basket. Photos by Joanna Schwarcz

    "My wife, Eileen, and I left Charlotte, North Carolina, on March 12, 2020, flying to Quito, Ecuador, via Miami to join a cruise to the Galápagos Islands ... .

    "Upon arriving in Quito, and because of COVID-19, passengers were greeted by airport staff in full hazmat suits checking our temperature and handing out health questionnaires, all before we entered the country."

    (excerpt from John Leach's letter)

    'Kicker Rock,' in the Pacific near the Galápagos Islands (March 14, 2020).  Photos by John Leach

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