May 2019 Issue

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Features: "Norway: Inspirational words motivate a multigenerational journey to Norway, with a pre-trip visit to explore the sights of London" and "Ethiopia: A private, guided visit to the north includes countryside, coffee and rock-hewn churches."

Columns: "Rick Steves’ Europe: A look at what’s new for 2019 in Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Hungary and Austria," "Garden Path: In the North Atlantic, a trove of subtropical plants is an unexpected find. Introducing Tresco Abbey Garden in the UK’s Isles of Scilly," "Focus on Archaeology: On the Italian island of Sardinia, investigating stone-tower nuraghi from the Bronze and Iron ages" and "Far Horizons: On a self-drive exploration of southern Portugal’s Algarve region, making day trips from Quarteira to Tavira and Faro (3 of 3)."

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Funniest Thing

This month’s winner is GORDON W. DRAPER of Livonia, Michigan:

While on a tour of Burkina Faso in West Africa in 2011, we stopped at its capital, Ouagadougou. As in many economically developing countries, getting small-value currency there could be a problem, yet you need this type of money to tip for taking pictures or to go into WCs.

Calling All Readers! Responses...

Solo traveler Edna R.S. Alvarez of Los Angeles, California, described showing up ahead of time at the assigned-seating dining room on an ocean cruise, requesting to be seated at a table with other travelers and being disappointed to end up by herself at a corner table.

Solos and assigned-seating dining on ships

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