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November 2018 Issue

Here are the other articles subscribers will be reading in the November 2018 issue.

Features: "Spain and Portugal: A custom-designed self-drive tour allows time to leisurely enjoy the sights and tastes along the backroads of the Basque region without the hassles involved in independent trip planning" and "Canada: A stay at the mobile Tundra Lodge puts a traveling couple smack-dab in the middle of polar bear country for up-close views of these beautiful animals."

Columns: "What’s Cooking In… Ostia, Italy: Not far from ancient ruins near Rome, it’s Spaghetti Amatriciana," "Rick Steves’ Europe: Educational tours and volunteer vacations can offer meaningful experiences and special insights into cultures worldwide" and "Focus on Archaeology: Oman’s millenniums-old frankincense route boasts the ruins and artifacts of once-prosperous cities."

Calling All Readers!: "The World on $100 a Day: Budget travelers share dollar-stretching secrets (4 of 4)" and "A Good Bird-watching Site: Travelers name locations in which to spot abundant birdlife, also telling when to visit. We’re wrapping up this series this month with sightings in various areas around the world (6 of 6)."

Essay Winner: "Gaga Over Ghana : The winning essay in the latest writing contest for subscribers."

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Funniest Thing

This month's winner is HARRY PEARSON of Cape Canaveral, Florida:

A driver/guide, Paul, and I were scouting in our Jeep in Morocco several decades ago when, passing through a small village, we saw a commotion in the center of town. An older man and a younger man were shouting and waving their arms at each other. We stopped and joined the group gathered around.

Calling All Readers! Responses...

Subscribers were invited to write in about places, outside of the US, where they've had rewarding sightings of birds. (We cannot accept more submissions.)

In addition to the types of birds they saw, we asked travelers to each tell us where they were and the year/month/time their visit took place. We also wanted to know how difficult it was to reach an area, what equipment would be recommended and what the weather was like.

We've printed responses about sites in the Americas, Africa and Australia, and we're wrapping things up this month with various areas. Get your birding on!

When you travel, don't forget to watch birds in cities. You will encounter them in parks and other green areas. Becoming acquainted with the varieties will enrich your travels because you will recognize them again as you continue your explorations.

In April 2015, my husband, Calvin, and I enjoyed a cruise on the waterways of the NETHERLANDS and Belgium, taking the 7-night "Tulip Time" cruise with AmaWaterways (Calabasas, CA; 800/626-0126, The route included generous amounts of time in larger cities, primarily Amsterdam and Brussels.

A grey heron (white forehead and cheeks, yellow bill) with a frog in Amsterdam’s Vondelpark. Photo by Calvin Harfst

Pat Ove of Aurora, Colorado, wrote, "There must be many budget travelers reading ITN who are having exciting adventures discovering the world on $100 a day [not including overseas airfare]. I would love to read about their journeys."

Regarding traveling outside of the US on $100 a day (excluding international air), subscribers were asked to tell us how they did it and where and when they traveled, specifying modes of transport, types of accommodations used and how those were found plus any other budget-travel tricks.

Responses were printed in the last three issues, and the remainder appear below.

I saw my first globe when I was 6, and my passion for travel was born. I wanted to see every country on that beautiful blue orb. But because my last name is not Buffett, the lottery jackpot numbers never match the ones on my ticket and no rich relative has left me millions of dollars, I had to find a way to see the world on an English teacher's budget.

Essay Contest Winners

Among the essays submitted on the topic "Gaga Over Ghana," there was a clear winner, as decided by ITN staff, and it was that of CAROLE STADELBACHER of Riverside, California. Carole will receive a 3-year extension to her subscription to ITN (or she can pass her prize along to a friend).

Carole and a Ghanian official at the AngloGold Ashanti mine — Ghana.

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