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November 2020 Issue

Funniest Thing

This month’s winner is JOHN HEBERLE of Rochester, New York:

Traveling with a group in China and being 6'6" tall, I often received looks from the locals, which was understandable.

Calling All Readers! Responses...

The closing of borders worldwide due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic led to the canceling and postponing of countless travel plans. ITN thought it would be interesting to compare how various tour operators, airlines, cruise lines, hotels, etc., handled the disruptions and travelers’ bookings, so we asked ITN subscribers to write in about their experiences. Many answered the call, and we printed several letters in the last two issues, with more to come.

The bride and groom after a traditional wedding ceremony in Ethiopia (September 2017). Photos by Paula Varner.

Essay Contest Winners

Either lots of ITN subscribers have been to Iceland or they’ve got plenty of spare time isolating at home, because we got the most submissions ever for an essay, this time on the topic “I See Iceland.”

(excerpt from the winning entry)

"... I smiled a lot in Iceland.

"How could I not, in a land of sprites, trolls and 'hidden people'? The latter, it is claimed, may invite humans for a chat and pancakes. Road builders, fearing repercussions, divert around elf stones. 'We try to accommodate,' said one. ..."

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