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October 2020 Issue

Funniest Thing

This month’s winner is SHEILA MONK of Richland, Missouri:

I was in Guatemala on a field trip that a friend of mine, Ken, had arranged for his horticulture students. With two spaces left, he had offered one to his nephew and one to me.

After days of viewing nurseries featuring poinsettias and ferns and other green growing things, we were ready for a change of pace when we reached Lake Atitlán, an incredibly beautiful place in the always-springlike Guatemalan central highlands. Our leader had been promising us a treat.

Calling All Readers! Responses...

The closing of borders worldwide due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic led to the canceling and postponing of countless travel plans. ITN thought it would be interesting to compare how various tour operators, airlines, cruise lines, hotels, etc., handled the disruptions and travelers’ bookings, so we asked ITN subscribers to write in about their experiences. Many answered the call, and we printed several in last month’s issue, with more to come in upcoming issues.

The Philippine tarsier is the world’s smallest (and, in my opinion, cutest) primate. I saw this one at the Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary on the island of Bohol in the Philippines in January 2018. Photo by Esther Perica

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