March 2019 Issue

Here are the other articles subscribers will be reading in the March 2019 issue.

Features: "Spain: An invitation to a friend’s wedding outside Madrid inspires further exploration, including a repeat immersion in a weeklong English-language program," "Central Europe: Combining a guided tour with an independent excursion to discover Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic with friends" and "Madagascar: An adventure tour to visit the unique landscape (and lemurs) of this very special place."

Columns: "Eye On Travel Insurance: Understanding a basic difference in emergency-medical-evacuation policies," "Rick Steves’ Europe: Tips and encouragement for solo women travelers. A look at their challenges and rewards" and "Far Horizons: The nitty-gritty on renting a car for a self-drive exploration of southern Portugal’s Algarve region, the first leg taking Randy and Gail from Lisbon through Porto Côvo to Salema."

Calling All Readers!: "Managing Things at Home During an Extended Trip : Travelers who are away for more than a month tell how they make sure their homes are safe, their bills get paid, mail is collected, etc. (2 of 2)." 

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Funniest Thing

This month's winner is JUDY SILVERSTEIN of Pompton Plains, New Jersey:

While vacationing in Ixtapa, Mexico, several decades ago, my husband and I went in search of an English-language newspaper. After a lengthy walk, we returned to the hotel hot and tired, put the paper in our room and went for a swim. When we returned, our room had been cleaned and the paper was missing.

Calling All Readers! Responses...

When you're away from home for more than 30 days on travel outside of the US, how do you handle your mail, and what arrangements do you make to pay bills, watch the house, etc.?

My travel companion and housemate, Margo, and I manage to leave home for six months each winter. What we do to prepare for our six months of travel may be of interest to — and easily applied by — someone who is leaving home for 30 days or more.

Essay Contest Winners

Let's get right to it. ITN staff have voted and, on the topic "Lens on Koblenz," the winning essay is that of HERSCHEL V. ANDERSON of Tempe, Arizona. Herschel will receive a 3-year extension to his subscription to ITN (or he can pass his prize along to a friend).

Lens on Koblenz Essay Winner

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