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December 2021 Issue

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    Funniest Thing

    This month’s winner is JIM ROYLE of San Diego, California:

    On a trip around southwestern Western Australia in 2009, I got to the town of Esperance, with plans to visit Cape Le Grand and Cape Arid national parks. I intended to camp but wasn’t sure if there would be space in the campground at the more remote Cape Arid. If there wasn’t, I knew I wouldn’t have time to drive all the way back before dark. Ideally, I wanted to spend the night somewhere between the two parks. To see if there was any such place, I visited the Visitor Information Centre in Esperance.

    Calling All Readers! Responses...

    ITN Contributing Editor Randy Keck asked to hear from readers on the topic of travel etiquette. Following is an excerpt of a reply from Sylvia DeForest, of Seattle, WA (on cultural faux pas she and her husband committed in Tuva, Siberia, in 2008):

    "Walking into and out of many yurts, we had to learn to never step on the threshold and never to turn our backs toward the family's shrine inside. We learned quickly, after gentle reminders. ..."

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