September 2018 Issue

Here are the other articles subscribers will be reading in the September 2018 issue.

Features: "Bangladesh: Inspired by the integrity of a local tour company, a couple embarks on a 27-day tour and finds an abundance of interesting sites and warm, welcoming people" and "South Africa: Spending time in Joburg, Cape Town and the wine country of Stellenbosch before changing gears for a 6-day photo safari, travelers discover the amazing diversity of his African country."

Columns: "Garden Path: Below the castle in Brno, Czech Republic, visitors will find the Open Gardens," "Rick Steves’ Europe: Tips to help you better enjoy a big-ship cruise," "Focus on Archaeology: Appreciating the magnificent medieval walls surrounding the Old City of Ávila, Spain" and "Far Horizons: Following an Aussie’s exploits as he crosses the continent of Australia in a 4x4 (2 of 3)."

Calling All Readers!: "The World on $100 a Day: Budget travelers share dollar-stretching secrets (Part 1)" and "A Good Bird-watching: Site Travelers name idyllic locations in which to spot amazing birdlife, also telling when to visit. This month: adventures in Latin America (Part 3)."

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Funniest Thing

This month's winner is MARY JENKINS of Santa Rosa, California:

Calling All Readers! Responses...

Subscribers were invited to write in about places, outside of the US, where they've had rewarding sightings of birds. (We cannot accept more submissions.)

In addition to the types of birds they saw, we asked travelers to each tell us where they were and the year/month/time their visit took place. We also wanted to know how difficult it was to reach an area, what equipment would be recommended and what the weather was like.

We printed responses about sites in Latin America in the last three issues. This month, we're in Africa.

Friends my husband, Al, and I were visiting in SOUTH AFRICA in April 2013 took us to Pilanesberg National Park, about three hours northwest of Johannesburg.

It was a beautiful fall day, with the temperature in the 70s.

A pied kingfisher (black and white) — Pilanesberg National Park, South Africa. Photo by Emily Moore

Pat Ove of Aurora, California, wrote, "There must be many budget travelers reading ITN who are having exciting adventures discovering the world on $100 a day [not including overseas airfare]. I would love to read about their journeys."

Regarding traveling outside of the US on $100 a day (excluding international air), subscribers were asked to tell us how they did it and where and when they traveled, specifying modes of transport, types of accommodations used and how those were found plus any other budget-travel tricks.

We printed a few responses in last month's issue, more are below, and more are to come.

Travel under $100 a day? It can be done. There are plenty of places I have traveled in the last five years where it cost me less than $100 a day, including Madrid, Córdoba, Porto, Rome and Brussels as well as throughout Poland and in Eastern Europe and a whole lot more.

One Hundred Dollar Bill

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Calling All Readers!

Credit card trip-cancellation coverage

ITN subscriber Carol Anderson of Delray Beach, Florida, wanted to alert travelers to a major policy change regarding the Trip-Cancellation/Interruption Insurance coverage provided by the Chase United MileagePlus Explorer Visa card.


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