Send us your photos

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Letters and Feature Articles are accepted from subscribers only.

We encourage your sending pictures with letters. (Feature Articles MUST be accompanied by photos in order to be considered for publication.)

  • With any pictures, in all cases, INCLUDE CAPTIONS. Captions should be written as complete sentences and, if possible, indicate approximately where each picture was taken. Include a photo credit naming the photographer.
  • With digital photos, send the original, full-resolution files as an attachment to an e-mail. Number each file. In the cover e-mail, include a numbered, complete caption for each photo attached.
  • Note: ITN asks that authors submit copies of original, unaltered photo files, no matter how large the files, as downloaded directly from the camera. Be aware that many photo software and e-mail programs will automatically compress and resize your original image files, and, while they look fine on a computer screen, the resulting files may not be of sufficient size or resolution for publication. To avoid this, save your original files directly to your computer’s desktop or onto a CD first. If uploading your images to a Web-based photo album, be aware that those photos, too, may be compressed for viewing and may not be suitable for print.
  • ITN CANNOT accept computer printouts of digital photos, no matter the quality of the prints. Computer prints may be submitted for review but must be accompanied by a digital file.
  • For photos taken on film, mail prints or slides or a CD.
  • With printed photographs, captions can be taped to the backs or listed separately, with numbered pictures corresponding to numbered captions (but realize that if you write in ink on the backs of photos, ink that has not yet dried may transfer to the pictures underneath and ruin them).
  • Despite the handy feature available on some cameras, it is best that photographs do not each have the date printed over the image.
  • For more details on submitting photographs as well as letters or a Feature Article, refer to our Publication Guidelines.

With any letters, send photos and captions to ITN’s editorial offices at 2116 28th St., Sacramento, CA 95818, or e-mail With lengthier Feature Articles, send photos and captions to Beth Habian, Features Editor, P.O. Box 1148, Florence, OR 97439, or e-mail