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Would like to hear from anyone who has traveled across the Empty Quarter or know of a company who know of a company that offers trips across the Empty Qtr. Thanks! Cincoc

When Adventures Abroad operated a tour in Yemen, it included a day cutting across the bottom of the Empty Quarter, just enough to get some impression of what it's like. But Yemen was a bit chancy then and I wouldn't recommend going there now.

To "cross" the Empty Quarter would mean going through Saudi Arabia, and that almost certainly would be very pricey if it's even possible.

Your best bet might be to contact tour operators in Oman and ask what they can put together for you. It may prove to be only a few days and nights. Unless you find a company that's arranged this kind of thing often, I'd think twice about doing it.

Have you read Wilfred Thesiger's "Arabian Sands"?