by Deanna Palic (Part one of two)

Nineteen years ago I was totally captivated by the locale in the film “Gabriela.” The movie starred one of Brazil’s hottest stars, Sonia Braga, and the esteemed Italian film idol Marcello Mastroianni. “Gabriela” was filmed in such an enchanting yet unidentifiable colonial seaside town that I felt compelled to wait until all the credits rolled and the town was identified. Paraty, sometimes spelled Parati, has remained on my “must see” list since 1984.

Good fortune came in the form of an invitation from the Rio Convention and Visitor’s Bureau...


Dear Globetrotter:

Welcome to the 412th issue of your monthly overseas travel magazine, the one you help write.

Not to discourage your traveling to any particular place but to better inform you so you can travel more safely, I am sharing here some of the more eye-catching items in the world of travel news.

Honduras, a country of 7.7 million, has one of the highest homicide rates in the world, with over 5,000 murders in 2009 and averaging more than 4,000 per year since 2004.

Factors contributing to the high rate are drug cartels, youth gangs, contract killings...


by Ed Kinney

The first trip Moreen and I took to the Dodecanese Islands area of the Mediterranean was in 1974. Sadly, then, as today, travelers were being advised to be cautious due to the ongoing hostilities between Greece and Turkey re the island of Cyprus.

Its macabre, but we’ve found that the optimum time to travel is during such periods as there are fewer competing tourists.

This trip to Rhodes and Symi began our lifelong interest in the Mediterranean and Middle East, where we’ve been fortunate to experience the area’s diverse cultures and have met now-lifelong...


by Yvonne Michie Horn

Had I stepped into a storybook? Cute-as-a-button little cottages painted in shades of red, yellow, white and green nestled behind white picket fences and clipped hedges, each surrounded by an array of flowers, abundant beds of vegetables, and fruit trees summer-heavy with fruit.

The path I followed took me deeper into the collection of little houses and gardens clinging to the hillside that descended to the edge of Sweden’s Årstaviken Bay.

“Yoo-hoo!” Lisbeth Ulfstedt awaited me at a junction in the path ahead, reassuring with a wave of her arm...