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In France, check out the cheap bus transportation between the Nice-Côte d’Azur airport and Riviera towns. 

My husband, David, and I often visit my French mother in Juan-les-Pins, which is between Cannes and Nice. In the past, we took the No. 200 bus from the gare routière (bus station) at Nice’s Terminal 1, but that stop was discontinued. 

Now you must walk to the bus stop on the Promenade des Anglais to catch the bus. It is not a long walk, but you have to pass under the Promenade and drag your bags up the steps on the other side to catch the westward bus. 

To me, it...


In the letter “GPS Travails in Belgium” (Nov. ’13, pg. 17), a subscriber wrote, “At the tourist office (in Aalst), we explained that we would like to travel some of the ‘gray’ (secondary) roads shown on the maps. I was told that with the introduction of GPS and mobile phones with map apps, maps were not being printed anymore!”

In March ’13, I purchased Michelin’s 2012 map No. 714 of the Benelux countries online from Barnes & Noble. There are lots of “gray roads” on it and town names; however, many routes do not show highway numbers. Although the map does not have a cities index...


CLARIFICATION — Regarding the article “Awed by the Pristine Beauty of Antarctica” by Nancy Tardy, subscriber Kenneth Crosby of Laredo, Texas, wrote, “The statement in the August 2013 issue that air/sea tours of Antarctica are less expensive than all-sea ones is simply false, and the statement that air/sea tours are more enjoyable than all-sea ones is only the author’s personal opinion.”

After reviewing the information published, ITN decided that a clarification was needed.

Ms. Tardy booked a “Fly the Drake” cruise-tour and wrote, “I had chosen this trip from Quark because it...


I recently reread the travel journal I wrote when my husband and I took a trip to Morocco in 1992. Even then, Moroccans did not want their photos taken.

So Steven Emmet’s experience in 2011 wasn’t new (“Found Moroccans Camera Averse,” Nov. ’13, pg. 54). It must be a cultural thing, like he said.


Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Americans do not need a visa to visit Mongolia, and there are no entrance or exit fees. The best time to travel there is summer, since by September the nights are getting cold. During my trip, Aug. 19-30, 2013, day temperatures were in the 70s and nights in the 60s. Rain was light in the Gobi and heavy in Ulaanbaatar (known as UB) and Hustai National Park.

My trip began in UB. Downtown UB is very small, and it’s possible to walk everywhere. The main street, Peace Street, is about four miles long. Mongolia’s infrastructure is like China’s in the ’80s.

Traffic in UB was very...


While sailing in French Polynesia on the Paul Gauguin (800/338-4962) in September ’13, I took advantage of one of the ship’s excursions in Bora Bora: the “Aquabike Adventure.” The excursion cost a total of $299 for two people.

A rep from Aquabike Adventure (Tiipoto, 98730, French Polynesia; phone 689 76 60 61) picked up my friend and me at the dock and took us on about a 15-minute boat ride to the floating dock where the Aquabikes were kept.

After a short period of instruction on how to accelerate, stop and steer while following our guide, Mat, the bottom of the deck lowered...


During an August 2009 cruise, I visited two southwestern towns in Greenland, Nanortalik and Qaqortoq (pictured above). Our group spent time walking the streets of each town to get a sense for what it must be like to live in these small, desolate communities, but we had a hard time picturing the winter months, when the temperature drops below freezing and there are only four hours of sunlight each day. In summer, the sun is around for almost 24 hours. There was not much to do except immerse ourselves in the feel of these small towns, but it didn’t matter. It was enough to enjoy the...


Much of the Arrivals terminal of Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport was destroyed by fire on Aug. 7, 2013. My spouse, sister-in-law, brother-in-law and I passed through the airport twice while visiting Kenya in late August and early September. I thought I would share our experience plus some tips.

As you’re heading into Kenya, be sure you have already gotten your visa application and filled it out. This will save you time. (We got ours from our travel agent, but you can print one out by going online. [Visit and click on “Plan Your Trip,” then “Visa...