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This sign sits atop Mount Alamos. Left to right: Tom and Lynn Meadows and friends Vince and Susan.

When people think of Mexico, most are thinking of the small coastal towns along Baja and on the mainland where cruise ships stop, but, in the northwest, there is another part of Mexico that is well worth visiting.

In the state of Sonora, in the foothills of the Western Sierra Madre, is the town of Álamos. Dating back to the 17th century, Álamos was founded by Spanish colonists. They were followed by mining barons and then imperialists and revolutionaries. With a current population of...

Hippo water ferry — St. Lucia. Photo by Mary Taylor

At last count, I’ve been to 53 countries in my travels, on cruises and land tours. Arriving at sunrise in Europe is not my passion anymore, though, so in February 2020 I took a cruise in the Eastern Caribbean with family aboard the Koningsdam.*

Booking through Vacations To Go with agent Mark Otton (Houston, TX; 800/338-4962, ext. 7356), I paid $2,830 plus $522 in insurance.

My stateroom, on Deck 1, was large and comfortable and had a spacious window. The only deck without...


A 2017 road trip from Calgary to Ottawa was part of our personal celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary. A highlight of that trip was Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Our top priority was visiting the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (85 Israel Asper Way, Winnipeg; 877/877-6037,, at the Forks, where the Red and Assiniboine rivers have been a gathering place for people for thousands of years. The museum, which opened in 2008, spans seven floors and included an excellent...

Many of Palau's small islands, with forests reaching to the water, resemble green biscuits. Photos by Gene McPherson

Flying from Manila, Philippines, while on an around-the-world trip, my wife, Barbara, and I arrived at the airport in Babeldaob, Palau, at about 3 a.m. in late February 2019.

We went straight to the adjacent island of Koror and to bed at the wonderful Palau Central Hotel (1724 Main St.; phone +680 488 4500,, right in the laid-back downtown. We saw nothing of Palau or Koror until we woke later that day, when we were greeted by bright sunshine and green forest as far...


“Most people travel to UGANDA to see our wide variety of wildlife, but another kind of life is equally interesting: our people. We’re one of the poorest countries in the world, but we’re happy, and we like to meet visitors. When we’re working, tilling soil on steep hillsides or tending animals, we love to chat with our neighbors and catch up with village gossip. And if people from other countries ask us to pose for photos with a bundle on our head, we’re glad...

Bill and Liz Fischer next to a Wells Fargo stagecoach — Oklahoma City.

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OF INTEREST IN OKLAHOMA CITY My husband, Bill, and I visited family in...


Having traveled each winter for 45 years, I had limited options for foreign travel in winter 2020-2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Travel within Mexico was possible, so I decided to visit the Yucatán Peninsula.

From Houston, Texas, on Dec. 30 I flew to Mérida, capital and largest city in the state of Yucatán. In the airport, security checked my temperature and sanitized my hands and luggage (spraying it) before I left the terminal.

I took a taxi to Hotel del Peregrino (Calle...

Giant Alcedo tortoises fighting for dominance. The one who raises his head the highest wins. Photos by Wanda Bahde

Friends urged, “If you loved Africa and Antarctica, you’ll love the Galápagos!” So, after much research, I found a cruise that fit my criteria. The 10-day “Galápagos Aboard National Geographic Endeavour II,” with Lindblad Expeditions (New York, NY; 800/397-3348,, was an expedition of a lifetime.

I departed Orlando, Florida, on Oct. 26, 2019, and met my cruise companions at the comfortable Hilton Colon Guayaquil in Ecuador.