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Glass paste mosaic flanked by frescoes in Casa di Nettuno e Anfitrite — Herculaneum.

If you’ve already visited Italy’s Pompeii, you should definitely visit nearby Herculaneum if you have the opportunity. Herculaneum is located about halfway between Pompeii and Naples. From Naples, it’s roughly a half-hour to Herculaneum by public transit versus about an hour to Pompeii.

Herculaneum was an upper-class seafront Roman town that, like Pompeii, was destroyed by the Mt. Vesuvius eruption in the year AD 79. Unlike at Pompeii (which was buried in ash), a...

Architectural marvels in Doha’s Al Dafna district. Photos by Theodore Liebersfeld

One image of Doha, Qatar, that sticks in my mind from my short visit in January 2018 is the huge sculpture of an oyster with its pearl — a popular photo spot. It serves as a reminder of Qatar’s origins as a collection of seaside villages devoted to fishing and pearl farming. 

Another image is the beautiful promenade known as the Doha Corniche. Still another is that of the dazzling skyscrapers packed into the central business district.

And then there is Souq...

Young Limeños dancing in a square in Lima, Peru. Photos by Albert Podell

After having visited every country in the world by air, train, bus, car, bicycle or camel, I finally, at age 80, took my first cruise. In 60 years of traveling, I had steadfastly resisted cruising because of my concern about getting bored, fat or seasick. 

When I decided to give cruising a try, I resolved that, at the very least, I had to find an itinerary that would take me somewhere I’d never been, which is not easy if you think you’ve been everywhere. But I found...


I have flown Icelandair (800/223-5500, several times over the years. In general, Iceland is a safe destination (not to mention close). These days, in tourist season, Keflavík International Airport is swamped with so many flight connections that gates, tarmac buses, rental car facilities and concourse foot traffic are chaotic. 

I always try to allow as much connection time as possible. On my Sept. 20, 2017, flight from Portland, Oregon, to London via Reykjavik,...


During our trip to Southern Africa in September 2017, my wife, Carlanne, and I were able to visit Indian Ocean and African locations we had missed on previous journeys.

Through Palace Travel (Philadelphia, PA; 800/683-7731,, we made arrangements for private tours of Réunion Island and Namibia, with a few days at Victoria Falls at the end of our 25-day vacation.

After flying from Montreal, Canada, via Paris on Air France, we were met in Saint-Denis on...

Pavilion at Vondelpark in Amsterdam. Photos by Francis Garcia

Months after booking a week’s lodging for the last week of May 2017 in New York City, I decided to approach the Big Apple by way of visits to Amsterdam (Netherlands), Bruges (Belgium) and Reykjavik (Iceland). This would be my first solo trip to Europe as well as my first encounters with Bruges and Iceland.

Following excellent advice garnered from ITN, I traveled with only a carry-on (which, among other things, held my stuffed little companion Ernie, who has now made friends in...


My wife and I completed a 3½-week private tour of Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Croatia in May 2017. The tour was arranged by Barbara Sansone, owner of Original World (San Rafael, CA; 888/367-6147,

Including all hotels, breakfasts, two drivers and two guides (since one guide wasn’t licensed in Albania), our trip for two cost $13,007.

The tour was fantastic, with travel in a brand-new, air-conditioned van that was very...


On a recent trip to India, I used to advantage the Simran SM-60 power strip and a 4-pack of Orei 2-in-1 USA-to-India adapter plugs (Type D), priced at $11.44 on The Simran strip is indispensable and allows for the use of multiple devices, one of which, for me, is a CPAP machine.

While in India, I acquired a conversion plug by MX that I later found available on Amazon India ( It was priced at INR297 (near $4.60). India is trying to standardize 3-point plugs,...