Travel Briefs

British actor, writer and adventurer Michael Palin donated his personal archives to the British Library (96 Euston Rd., London, England; phone +44 1937 546 546, in 2017, and on Aug. 7 of this year they went on display in the Sir John Ritblat: Treasures Gallery. The archives include diaries, photos and scripts plus more than 50 notebooks of Monty Python material, including unfilmed skits.

The gallery also exhibits a Gutenberg Bible, a copy of the Magna Carta, a da Vinci...


As of Aug. 1, tourist visits to Rapa Nui (Easter Island) are limited to 30 days (down from 90). In order to board a flight to Rapa Nui, a traveler must present his passport, a ticket showing return from Rapa Nui within the 30-day limit, proof of hotel or other accommodation and the provided Immigration form stamped by the Chilean Police Investigations Division.

Stays of longer than 30 days can be applied for in advance. For info, contact the Chilean tourism office (phone +56 2 2731...


On July 25, Belarus increased the number of days that some visitors can stay visa-free from five to 30. To qualify, you must be a citizen from one of 80 countries (the US among them) and enter the country as a tourist through Minsk National Airport (MSQ). You also must present evidence that you will be flying out of MSQ within the allotted time.

Before it was destroyed by Allied bombing in 1944, the Altstadt (Old Town) in the city of Frankfurt-am-Main was home to the largest collection of wood-frame buildings in Germany. A new, reconstructed "Old Town" has been built, with a "grand opening" scheduled for Sept. 28-30, 2018.

The site contains 15 buildings constructed according to the original plans plus another 20 buildings (shops, restaurants, etc.) in the appropriate style.

A guided tour, in English, can be booked at...


Displaying more than 5,000 artifacts from throughout the long history of Nîmes, France, mostly from the Roman period beginning in 28 BC, the Museé de la Romanité (Boulevard de Arénes; phone +33 4 48 21 02 20, opened on June 2 across the street from Arènes de Nîmes, the ancient Roman coliseum.

Among the displays is a large mosaic, unearthed during the museum's construction, depicting the Theban king Pentheus being murdered by his mother.



With comprehensive information on more than 1,000 sites with ancient stone monuments, “The Old Stones: A Field Guide to the Megalithic Sites of Britain and Ireland,” by Andy Burnham (400 pgs., $45), available in bookstores Sept. 25, 2018, contains historical facts, visitor info, maps and photos.


During the “Badu Gili” light show, First Nations (Aboriginal) art is projected onto the eastern, Bennelong sail of the Sydney Opera House each night, year-round, at sunset and again at 7 p.m winter-spring or 9 p.m. summer-fall. (In the Southern Hemisphere, winter is June-September.)

The show, which lasts about seven minutes, was introduced in July 2017, and the programmed art was completely revised for the first time on July 24, 2018.


Pluggerz Uni-Fit Travel earplugs have pressure-regulating filters that help relieve ears during flights while reducing noise. The silicon plugs fit almost any ear and are intended for repeat use. Child's size available.

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