Travel Briefs

In Nancy, France, after years of restoration to match its original state, the Villa Majorelle (36-38, rue du Sergent Blandan; phone +33 03 83 85 30 01, [in French only]) opened to the public as a historic monument on Feb. 19. Built in 1901-02, the Art Nouveau home was designed by architect Henri Sauvage for furniture designer Louis Marjorelle.

Restoration included removing exterior elements added after the original construction and, inside, adding...


Located in the House at the Black Madonna (Ovocný trh 19, Prague, Czechia), so-called because of the Baroque, gilded statue of the Madonna embedded in the corner of the building (constructed 1911-1912), the Cubism section of the Museum of Decorative Arts (phone +420 778 543 902, contains examples of Cubist-design textiles, furniture, jewelry, printing and more over two floors. A third floor holds temporary exhibits.

In Prague’s Old Town, the museum is open...


With the categories Traditions, Outdoors, Cuisine, Cities, Nature, Art and Relaxation, the booklet “100 Experiences in Japan” describes things to see or do that were handpicked by the Japan National Tourism Organization.

The categories are divided into four pamphlets, each of which can be downloaded as a PDF at


San Rafael Waterfall, at nearly 490 feet the highest waterfall in Ecuador, disappeared in late February after the Coca River, which fed it, diverted into a sinkhole upstream believed to have been created by a series of landslides earlier in the month. Naturalists do not believe the waterfall will return naturally. It was a centerpiece of the Cayambe-Coca Ecological Reserve, a national park in the Amazon rainforest.

The Bondi to Manly Track, connecting two of Sydney, Australia’s, most famous beaches, opened Dec. 8, 2019. The nearly 50-mile trail follows the coastline from northern Sydney through the central city to southern Sydney, also crossing the Harbour Bridge. Highlights include historic buildings, gardens and Aboriginal sites as well as natural splendor.

For maps and suggested walks or multiday itineraries, visit


In Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, you can leap into the world’s largest indoor skydiving chamber at CLYMB (Yas Island, Abu Dhabi; phone +971 600 511115, With a height of 104 feet and a width of 32 feet, about double the size of a standard indoor skydiving chamber, the chamber keeps skydivers (as young as 3!) aloft with 16 high-power fans.

Each skydive lasts around 60 seconds. The experience must be booked in advance and costs AED235 (near $64) for two...


MGM Resorts has revealed, after the stolen information was posted online, that a hack of their guest databases in the summer of 2019 exposed the personal information of more than 10.6 million guests. The stolen information included names, addresses, telephone numbers and, in some cases, passport numbers. The hotel does not believe that any financial information was exposed.

A barrier has been set up around Rome’s Trevi Fountain to stop people from sitting along its rim. As described by Rome’s mayor, the barrier will neither block views of the fountain nor prevent people from throwing coins.

Sitting on the fountain was made illegal in 2019, but the city had not enforced that law by erecting a fence until now. The barrier will also help obstruct the occasional visitor who illegally climbs into the fountain.