Travel Briefs

In Hull, England, a glass tunnel 10 meters beneath a 660,000-gallon tank allows visitors to observe sharks and other fish swimming overhead in the "Endless Ocean" exhibit at The Deep aquarium (Tower St., Hull; phone +41 1482 381000, The aquarium has nine freshwater- and marine-environment exhibits, including "Bugs," "Slime" and (with a penguin enclosure) "Kingdom of Ice."

Open daily, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. £13.50 (near $18), adult; £12.50, senior, or £11....


A special exhibit, "Peggy Guggenheim: The Last Dogaressa," Sept. 21, 2019-Jan. 27, 2020, at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection (Palazzo Venier dei Leoni, Dorsoduro 701, I-30123 Venezia, Italy; phone +39 041 2405 411, explores the Venetian life of the collection's founder and her procurement of its art.

A member of the Guggenheim family, whose namesake museums can be found in Los Angeles, Bilbao and Abu Dhabi, Peggy moved into an 18th-...


As of Jan. 1, in order to tackle overcrowding at the Incan-citadel archaeological site of Machu Picchu in Peru, tickets are now being sold for specific entry times, with visits limited to four hours. Entry times, printed on each ticket, are hourly from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. No one will be admitted at any time other than the one on his ticket.

An entry ticket costs PEN152 (near $46) and can be purchased in advance at or at the tourism office in nearby Aguas...


The Vatican is considering measures to reduce the number of visitors to the Vatican Museums, due to overcrowding and health issues.

More than 6 million people visit the museums each year, with up to 30,000 per day during the high season (March-October), when, according to guides, as many as 10 visitors faint each day in the non-air-conditioned corridors, occasionally suffering additional injuries.

• The most-visited museum in the world is the Louvre in Paris. The Louvre...


Just off the coast of the much larger island of Fuerteventura, Isla de Lobos, one of Spain's Canary Islands, is only 1.8 square miles in area and has no permanent population, yet it has been getting up to 2,000 visitors per day during peak season.

Consequently, in January, the governing council of Fuerteventura introduced a rule limiting tourist visits to Isla de Lobos to 400 per day, split between two groups of 200. Anyone wishing to visit Isla de Lobos must first request and...


In northeastern Vietnam, Van Don International Airport (VDO) began operations on Dec. 31, 2018. The airport, in Quang Ninh Province, is located only 31 miles north of Hạ Long Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It was announced that same day that a cruise terminal able to hold two cruise ships, each with a passenger capacity of 4,000-plus, would be built in Halong City (Bãi Cháy). At press time, no completion date had been set. Currently, cruise passengers dock in Hanoi, about three...


Luxembourg will make public transit free throughout the country starting in March 2020. This includes all inter- and intra-city buses and state-run trains, provided the departure and destination cities are both within Luxembourg.

The Luxembourg government is hoping that free public transportation will help relieve traffic congestion in the country, which has one of the higher rates of car ownership in the EU.

Months after agreeing in principle to accept its neighboring nation's name change (Aug. '18, pg. 4), on Jan. 25 Greece's parliament narrowly approved an official endorsement of North Macedonia (Severna Makedonija) as the new name chosen for the Former Yugoslav Republic (FYR) of Macedonia, despite resistance from many Greek citizens.

Greece has long argued that the name Macedonia was inappropriate, since the country did not have any relation to the Greek region of Macedonia...