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If you are an ITN subscriber and have been to Madagascar, pen an essay, in no more than 300 words, on the topic “Mad about Madagascar.” Express the mood of the place, what it felt like to be there, or get across what the local people were like, or describe a meaningful encounter you had, or share any insights you gained into the culture. Paint verbal pictures of things you saw.

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Flag of Chile

The topic “Chilling Out in Chile” sparked a large number of people to enter ITN’s essay contest, with many creative approaches to the subject. ITN staff judges whittled the submissions down to a select three, and the essay taking the first-place spot is that of SUE SANDERS of Arvada, Colorado, who wins an ITN mug. With essays in second and third place, respectively, ANGIE COSEY of Lansdowne, Pennsylvania, and JAMES McGEE of Sun City, California, win 1-year extensions to...

Flag of Hungary

We have two ITN subscribers to thank for suggesting the topic of our last essay contest, “Hungry for Hungary”: Debbie Wenck of Carlsbad, CA, and Kathy Hatfield of Montvale, NJ. The subject elicited essays with recollections from decades past. ITN staff judged the submissions, and the winning work — based on visits past and present — was that of KITTY CHEN DEAN of New York City, NY. Kitty’s prize is an ITN mug.

We are currently accepting essays on the...


Either lots of ITN subscribers have been to Iceland or they’ve got plenty of spare time isolating at home, because we got the most submissions ever for an essay, this time on the topic “I See Iceland.” We thank Tom Wilson of Citrus Heights, California, for contributing the topic.

ITN staff judged the submissions, and the winning work was that of RAY NIEDOWSKI of Marshfield Hills, Massachusetts. Coming in second was the essay by KAREN and GERALD WAGNER of Monarch...

Silk Road Map

We thank Debbie Wenck of Carlsbad, California, for contributing the essay topic “Threading the Silk Road,” which inspired numerous entries to our recent writing contest among subscribers. ITN staff judged the submissions, and the winning work was that of MARIA DRUMM, who will receive a $45 gift certificate for CircaTerra Travel Outfitters (3317A State St., Santa Barbara, CA 93105; 805/568-5402, Coming in at a close second was the essay by DAVID J. PATTEN,...


The topic “I Adore Ecuador” was contributed by Marcia Brandes of Atlanta, Georgia, and it inspired numerous essays. ITN staff did the judging, and the clear winner was the essay by ROBERT GANDT, earning him a 2-year extension to his subscription to ITN (or he can pass his prize along to a friend). Coming in at second place was the work of JULIE YUAN-MIU, who gets a 1-year extension.

We are currently accepting essays on the topic “Threading the Silk Road.” If...


The essays submitted on the topic “Georgia on My Mind” left the ITN staff with some clear impressions of what a visitor might see and experience in this republic along the Caucasus Mountains and Black Sea. The essay by SALLY SCHNITGER was judged to be the best, and she wins a 2-year extension to her subscription to ITN (or she can pass her prize along to a friend). The second-place winner, earning a year’s extension, was CAROLE SALOWICH.

For ITN subscribers only, our...

Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai

Many of you were inspired to write an “I Sigh Over Dubai” essay. The United Arab Emirates must make quite an impression! ITN staff judged all the entries, and that of DAVID FOXLOW of Sarasota, Florida, won 1st Prize, a 2-year extension to his subscription to ITN (or he can pass his prize along to a friend). In second place, winning a year’s extension, is CAROL M. BECKMAN of Old Bridge, New Jersey.

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