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The last essay topic, “My Trail is Australia,” inspired a lot of subscribers to take a shot at the prize, but ITN staff narrowed the entries down to three, selecting as the 1st-place winner the work of DIANA BUTLER of El Sobrante, California, who will receive a 3-year extension to her subscription to ITN (or she can pass her prize along to friends). Placing second was that of ELSA DIXON of...

Flag of Sweden

In our essay contest on the topic “I’m Sweet on Sweden,” our winner — with an unconventional submission — is Rosemary McDaniel of Trenton, Florida. She wins a 3-year extension to her subscription to ITN, and her essay is short and, well, you’ll see. 

“My Trail is Australia” is the subject of our current essay contest for ITN subscribers. If you have been there, in no more than 300 words (note: 300 words), describe your own...

Warsaw at Night

Warsaw was the topic of our latest essay contest, and it is notable that everyone who wrote in was struck in the same way by a particular dynamic aspect of that city.

From the entries submitted on the topic “I Saw Warsaw,” ITN awarded three prizes. The top-ranked essay was that of ELLEN RADO of Hollis, New York, who will receive a 3-year extension to her ITN subscription (or she can pass her prize along to friends). In second place was the essay of AMY ROMANO of Glen Cove...



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A lot of you have been to Peru! We got a high number of essays on the subject, and the enthusiasm was inspiring. We are awarding three prizes this month.

On the topic of “Perusing Peru,” the top-ranked essay was that of SUE SPIRIT of West Salem, Ohio, and she will receive a 3-year extension to her subscription to ITN (or she can pass her prize along to friends). Just behind was the work of NANCY BURGHARDT of Oak Park, Illinois, whose subscription will be extended two years...

"I Go Togo" Winning Essays

In judging the essays submitted in our ongoing series of writing contests, ITN staff take certain things into consideration when reading each composition. In regard to the destination topic, did we get an idea of what we’ll find at the location and can we picture it? Were we given a feeling for the place? Was there an experience or encounter described that lifted us?

We are pleased to present the winners in the latest contest, the subject of which was “I Go Togo....


The essay contest currently in play for ITN subscribers is titled "I Go Togo." If you have been there, in no more than 300 words (note: 300 words), describe what you experienced in the West African nation of Togo that evokes a sense of the country's atmosphere, culture and/or attractions. Email your essay to or send it to Essay Contest, c/o ITN, 2116 28th St., Sacramento, CA 95818. Include the address at which you receive ITN. The deadline is December...


In our ongoing series of essay contests, the topic for our last essay — Nice is nice — was announced in our May 2016 issue, and we began to receive submissions from travelers with clear affection for that city on the French Riviera. In spite of the unfathomable assaults that occurred there in mid-July, we continued to receive contest submissions, reflecting travelers’ recollections, impressions and emotions and what that city was, is and will continue to be.

With ITN...