Monaco has been ruled by the Grimaldi family since the 14th century.

Do your research on the big aggregator sites, but then book directly with a family-run hotel — like this one in Prague — for a glimpse into the local culture. Photos by Dominic Arizona Bonuccelli

I used to travel with absolutely no hotel reservations. Europe 30 years ago was relatively ramshackle, things were cheaper and, because fewer people could afford to travel for fun, there was much less competition for budget rooms. I could make decisions on the go, show up in a new town and improvise my accommodations.

But the tourism boom and rise of the Internet have changed everything. Today, booking hotels in advance is a critical part of trip planning… and a fun way...

The Grand Tomb at Hili Archaeological Park in Abu Dhabi. Photos by Julie Skurdenis

Late one February afternoon in 2018, my husband, Paul, and I arrived at Hili, an archaeological site 6 miles north of the oasis city of Al Ain in Abu Dhabi.

At first, we were confused. What we saw before us was different from most of the archaeological sites we had visited around the world, including those we had just visited a week or two before in Oman, Abu Dhabi's neighbor to the southeast.

At Hili, it is not just rock or stone remnants from the past lying on the...

The town of Varenna on Lake Como is the perfect place to savor a lakeside meal or aperitivo.

Northern Italy's seductively beautiful lakes district -- in the shadow of the Alps -- seems heaven-sent for communing with nature. Though just an hour north of Milan, this area feels a world away from the business and bustle of Italy's second city.

In this romantic region, wistful 19th-century villas are overgrown with old vines that seem to ache with stories to tell. Stunted palm trees appear to be held against their will in this northern location. And...

Sampling one of Germany’s hundreds of varieties of sausage from a street vendor is a classic German experience.

Eating in Germany is a big part of the fun of traveling there. Ingredients are wonderful (especially if you eat with the season), traditions are prized, "modern German cuisine" is giving old dishes tasty and entertaining new twists, and small, creative foodie places are thriving in every city. And here's even more good news: Eating well in Germany is an amazing value -- cheaper than in France, Britain, Italy or Scandinavia.


The Douaumont Ossuary holds the remains of more than 130,000 unknown French and German soldiers from the WWI battle in Verdun, France.

November 11 marks the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I -- "the war to end all wars," which cost an estimated 40 million lives. While there are no more survivors to tell us their stories, WWI sights and memorials scattered across Europe do their best to keep the devastation from fading from memory.

Perhaps the most powerful WWI sightseeing experience is located about 140 miles east of Paris at the battlefields of Verdun. It was here in...

Composer Edvard Grieg retreated daily to this picture-perfect studio on a Norwegian fjord.

As a traveler, I find myself visiting the homes of lots of dead people. Some are over the top (Louis XIV's Versailles near Paris); some are haunting (Anne Frank's house in Amsterdam); others inspire you to write a poem (William Wordsworth's Dove Cottage in England's Lake District).

Many of my favorites are the home studios of artists -- painters, sculptors, composers. There's something about these special places that conjures the strange magic of creative work....

Depicting the archangel atop a demon, the bronze statue of St. Michael symbolizes the triumph of good over evil. Part of the tallest fountain in Paris, it is in Place Saint-Michel. Photo ©Wiesław Jarek/

Dear Globetrotter:

Welcome to the 513th issue of your monthly foreign-travel magazine.

If you're looking at your first copy of ITN, one of the free samples that we send out each month to anyone upon request (or at the request of a friend), the main thing to know about this publication is that it is a safe place for travelers to express opinions, share their experiences and tell what they've learned on trips outside of the US.

ITN is in its 42nd year, and we'...