In Norway, hydropower meets more than 95% of the country’s electricity demand.


Dear Globetrotter:

It is in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic that I welcome you to this, the 531st issue of International Travel News, and, boy, have things changed since a month ago!

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus COVID-19, which was identified in Wuhan, Hubei province, China, in December, was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization on March 11. As of press time, the virus had spread to 212 countries and territories.

President Trump, after...

If police stop you on the street and ask to check your wallet for counterfeit bills, it’s probably a scam. Photo by Dominic Arizona Bonuccelli

Europe is a surprisingly creative place when it comes to travel scams. Many of the most successful gambits require a naively trusting tourist, but seasoned travelers can be taken in, too. We should all be wary of the numerous subtle scams — a cabbie pads your fare, a hotel business center computer records your password, or a waiter offers a special with a “special” increased price — but if you’re cautious and not overly trusting, you should have no problem....


Last month, I presented the first batch of the On-the-Road Travel Tips (and my own comments, where appropriate) from readers responding to a request in my January 2020 column. In the spirit of continued sharing of travel wisdom, I invite you to keep them coming.

Applying to anything that makes your travel experience work better for you while actually traveling, your travel tip (in 125 words or fewer) can involve luggage, clothing, electronic devices, transportation, accommodation,...


Like most travelers around the world, I've shifted into "armchair travel" mode for the time being. While stuck at home, I'm reflecting on my favorite memories of experiencing Europe's living traditions.

While some of Europe's customs survive only as clichés or tacky stage shows for tourists, others are worth going out of your way to take part in. One of the most well-known European traditions -- and something that I absolutely love doing -- is...

An exhibit at the SS <i>Great Britain</i> celebrates the engineering genius Isambard Kingdom Brunel, who designed the historic passenger ship.

It's a familiar story in Europe: A once-important town falls on hard times, only to make a comeback many years later and thrive in modern times. Add Bristol, England, to the list. Like Belfast, Glasgow, and Liverpool, this rusty old port town is emerging with a special creative energy and is well worth visiting.

Known as the birthplace of world-famous street artist Banksy, with a handful of his works dotting a scruffy part of town, today's Bristol...

Prague’s Strahov Monastery library was a center of Baroque learning.

For me, libraries are the great equalizer. Whether you're rich or poor, powerful or not, when you walk into a library you realize how small you are compared to the wealth of human activity contained on those shelves. The grand libraries of Europe offer travelers the chance to connect with books and documents that changed the course of history -- and to bask in impressive, ornate interiors that reflect the tremendous importance of books in earlier centuries.

One of the...

Borough Market, one of London’s numerous food halls and markets, can be a thrifty dining spot.

London is one of Europe's most expensive cities. But with fine public transit, many free museums, affordable plays, and fun food markets and pubs, the city becomes more affordable. Here are some of my tips for savings.

TAKE THE TUBE: London's black cabs are iconic, but for the cost of one ride, you can buy an Oyster card transit pass, covering a week's worth of rides on buses and the London Underground (aka the Tube).

BUDGET SLEEPS: London is one of the few places I...