Interior of the Cathedral & Collegiate Church of St Saviour & St Mary Overie, since 1905 known as Southwark Cathedral, whose construction began in 1839 — London.

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Clockwise from top: Garment folder, Cargo Hauler duffel, self-stowing Matador backpack and stacked packing cubes. Photos by Mark Gallo

I've got a theory about how we pack for travel. What we pack and how much we pack are often a result of one's travel experience and age.

As a twenty-something on my first trip to Europe in 1981, I packed everything I thought I needed for five weeks in Greece and Turkey into a carry-on-size soft piece of luggage with grab handles and a shoulder strap but no wheels.

I had several shirts, a pair of shorts, underwear, socks, a hat, a wind shell and a razor with...

View of the pond in the Wallenstein Gardens — Prague. Photos by Yvonne Michie Horn

I've long thought that the best city transportation is a pair of comfortable shoes. That was certainly true of Prague, a most walkable city, allowing me to hotfoot it through its historic Old Town Square, pushing my way through pretzel hawkers and throngs following umbrella-toting tour guides and past bike bars pedal-powered by beer guzzlers. I was on my way this May 2018 day to a Prague of serenity, the Gardens below Prague Castle.

Wallenstein Gardens

As I crossed...


China spans more than 60 degrees of longitude but has only one time zone.

A footpath is all that connects Italy’s Civita di Bagnoregio to the “mainland.” Photos by Dominic Arizona Bonuccelli

In my early days as a guidebook writer, Europe's undiscovered nooks and undeveloped crannies held the most appeal for me, and they still do. But with ever-more sophisticated travelers armed with enough time and money to see the Europe of their dreams, places I "discovered" a few decades ago are now suffering from Back Door congestion.

Given that, I've come to treasure even more those destinations that still have the feeling of a world apart. Away from the...

The central mound, with statue-menhirs, at the megalithic site of Filitosa in Corsica, France. Photos by Julie Skurdenis

At the base of a small mound overlooking a valley in southwestern Corsica lie fragments of upright stones called menhirs (from the Brittonic words men, meaning "stone," and hir, meaning "long").

Just above them on a stone wall that was once part of a prehistoric settlement stand more menhirs. They are unique. Each has the outline of a face etched on the top part of the stone. With sightless eyes, these statue-menhirs have stood for more than 3,000 years....

Cruising might not be for everyone, but it’s an economic, efficient, and popular of mode of travel in Europe and beyond.

Recently, I was on a massive cruise ship with 3,000 passengers blitzing the great ports of the Mediterranean -- and having lots of fun. No, I'm not suddenly abandoning my independent travel principles and becoming a huge proponent of cruising. But I am impressed by the economy, efficiency and popularity of this kind of travel ... and, to be honest, I enjoy cruising.

I'm the first to admit that cruising doesn't appeal to everyone. For some, it's anti-travel....

Portree, the largest town on the Isle of Skye, is nestled deep in its protective harbor, where colorful homes look out over bobbing boats and the surrounding peninsulas.

Scotland's islands may be distant fringes, but those who venture to them are richly rewarded with dramatic landscapes, a rich heritage, and a warm welcome. Among Scotland's countless islands, the favorite among travelers is the scenic Isle of Skye, with its narrow, twisty roads winding around the island in the shadows of craggy, bald mountains, and a coastline ruffled with peninsulas and sea lochs.

Just off the northwest coast, Skye is the country's...