Borneo is the world's only island divided between three countries: Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia.


There are basically two types of overseas emergency-medical-evacuation policies. First is the type of coverage supplied by Divers Alert Network, or DAN (Durham, NC; 800/446-2671,

DAN is primarily designed for scuba divers, but anyone can join. Their basic coverage is called "DAN Membership," and for a year's protection the cost is $35 for an individual or $55 for a family (including spouse or domestic partner and children under 24 in school and...

Carrying yourself with confidence is one of the keys to a successful solo travel experience. Photos by Dominic Arizona Bonuccelli

I've been inspired over the years by female colleagues and friends who happily and safely travel solo overseas. There are challenges but also many rewards awaiting women who venture out on their own.

Whether it's due to concerns about loneliness or safety, many women put off their travel dreams because they don't want to do it by themselves. But traveling with the wrong person can make you feel lonelier than traveling alone. When you're solo, you're more...

Painters whitewashing in traditional style in Porto Côvo, Portugal. Photos by Randy Keck

From late November to early December 2018, my wife, Gail, and I did an 8-day, self-drive exploration of Portugal's sun-blessed Algarve holiday playground.

The enviable mild winter climate makes the region a highly popular part-time and full-time retirement destination for thousands of British expats and other Europeans. We were there to discover the off-season heart, soul and pulse of this desirable stretch of gorgeous Atlantic coast some 280 kilometers south of the...

Lisbon’s trolleys can get unbearably crowded, so have a plan if you want to ride one. CREDIT: Dominic Arizona Bonuccelli, Rick Steves’ Europe.

Like many travelers, last spring I visited Barcelona dreaming of seeing Antoni Gaudi's breathtaking Sagrada Familia church. When I got there, the ticket office was closed, with a posted sign: "No more tickets today. Buy your ticket for another day online." Thankfully, I knew to book tickets in advance.

Along with Sagrada Familia, Spain's other sights to book ahead include the Picasso Museum, La Pedrera, Casa Batllo and ...

After several years of being covered in scaffolding, the Chateau d’Azay-le-Rideau has returned to its romantic glory.

France has a rich history, an impressive infrastructure and a tourism industry trying valiantly to cope with its big crowds. Travelers who plan ahead enjoy big rewards.

Paris' most famous landmark, the Eiffel Tower, has a new look. A glass wall now rings its base for security reasons, with one access point at each side, meaning you can no longer wander freely under the tower. Visitors should allow an extra 30 minutes to go through screening. Also, summit...

Frankfurt’s “new” Old Town, called the DomRomer Quarter, is a reconstruction of the half-timbered historic district destroyed during World War II.

Germany is famously a work in progress -- as are the nearby Low Countries -- and that includes their sightseeing attractions. In 2019, there's good news and a few important warnings for the smart traveler.

To handle its ever-increasing number of visitors, Germany is busy renovating sights and transportation, beefing up security and updating ticketing procedures for big attractions. For instance, in Berlin, advance tickets are now recommended for the...

Vienna’s Schonbrunn Palace is a world-class sight with crowds and lines to match, but those with Sisi combo-tickets can enter without a reserved entry time.

The history, art and culture of Eastern Europe are often complicated for Westerners. But it's easier than ever to enjoy this area, where there is plenty of good sightseeing news in its leading cities.

Prague is buzzing with sightseeing changes. After a seven-year renovation, the National Museum reopened with eight permanent exhibits covering topics from evolution to the Czech Republic's 20th century. Admission to the museum, which towers...