How to evaluate a trip for safety issues. (See June 2003 article for information on “Cancel anytime, for any reason.)
More information on age-related costs and conditions for senior travelers.
A discussion of new, age-related limits for over-age-75 travelers.
A discussion of the preexisting-condition clause. These are perhaps the most important segments of a travel insurance policy, especially for senior travelers, as seniors are reasonably likely to have some medical “condition.”
A discussion of the details of overseas medical evacuations, how to be sure that you have coverage, who provides it and what to do if you happen to need those services.
A special for seniors, a discussion of Medicare and Medicare supplementary policies, Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) and how to be prepared for the expenses of an overseas medical emergency.
A discussion of baggage-delay-coverage fine print and how to make sure that you present an appropriate claim.