A discussion of baggage-delay-coverage fine print and how to make sure that you present an appropriate claim.
Which travel insurance policies have made changes to make it easier to get the preexisting-condition clause waived, plus some new offerings for overseas travelers.
More details of the importance of this clause and which companies offer more or less tolerant language in their policies.
EVERY travel-health or trip-cancellation policy has this preexisting-condition disclaimer of coverage in one form or another. Most will waive this clause under certain conditions. Make sure that you understand the clause and know how to get it waived.
How common a problem is this? How can you minimize your risk?
Detailed discussion of the possibility of an overseas traveler canceling a trip or needing medical assistance.
This information supplements the article “Overseas Travel Insurance” in the April 1994 issue, page 34.
What are the most important factors to consider when choosing a travel insurance policy or considering not to buy one? Includes a comparison chart of several companies’ offerings.