Neris River and the Pajauta Valley with Hearth Mound in the foreground.
Kernave in Lithuania — royal mounds and excavated artifacts
Rio’s Santa Tereza district is a favorite among visitors
Accommodations (2 of 4 on Rio de Janeiro)
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Dear Globetrotter:

Welcome to the 339th issue of your monthly overseas travel magazine.

I have good news and bad news.

The good news is that the Transportation Security Administration has made a policy change and, on flights within the U.S., each passenger now can carry aboard an extra carry-on when that bag holds only photographic equipment.

The bad news is that the particular airline you’re flying on or the specific flight you’re taking still may not allow it...


by Ed Kinney

The first trip Moreen and I took to the Dodecanese Islands area of the Mediterranean was in 1974. Sadly, then, as today, travelers were being advised to be cautious due to the ongoing hostilities between Greece and Turkey re the island of Cyprus.

Its macabre, but we’ve found that the optimum time to travel is during such periods as there are fewer competing tourists.

This trip to Rhodes and Symi began our lifelong interest in the Mediterranean and Middle...


by Deanna Palic, first of four parts

Rio de Janeiro sits capriciously on a thin strip of land between the mountains and the sea. In my 40 years of visiting Rio, this astounding city has never ceased to dazzle. Rio is one of the world’s most colorful playgrounds, enhanced by its spectacular natural setting and exceptional weather year around. It’s a city with a rhythm of its own!

Nineteen glorious beaches, covering 23 miles, run through the very heart of the city and provide...


by Randy Keck

On my return from the Antarctic, I had the opportunity to stop over in Santiago, Chile, for a few days with friends Scott Jones and Anne Keller, whose large apartment tends to be a haven for a constant stream of globetrotting international visitors.

We decided on a free day to venture southeast of Santiago up the renowned Canyon del Maipo into the Andes in search of two hot springs: Baños Morales and Baños Colina.

The climb on our last leg to Baños Colina...


Dear Globetrotter: Welcome to the 338th issue of your monthly overseas travel magazine.

He had never missed a deadline in 24½ years of submitting columns to ITN, so when Kevin Keating’s “Kilroy Was Here!” was exceptionally late for this issue, I correctly feared the worst. Kevin had died on February 7th at his home in Sausalito, California. He had been suffering from prostate cancer. He was 74.

Kevin’s special brand of humor has brightened the pages of ITN since the September...