by Philip Wagenaar, Contributing Editor

I heaved a sigh of relief. I had just filed our income tax return. It was March 2, 2003. Now I could fully enjoy our cruise, which left on March 10. I only had to make sure that the IRS would receive my payment by the April 15 deadline.

I figured I had two options. I could either send the tax due before we departed on our cruise and lose more than a month’s interest or I could ask our daughter to mail the check on April 14. However, if...


by Kevin Keating

Hanging in the home of my friend Joseph Lynch is one of the best travel posters I’ve ever seen. It promotes Air Nepal’s Yeti Service and features a huge, hairy hand holding a tray with an iced martini. When you’re flying over the high Himalayas, wouldn’t you expect your cocktail to be served by a mythical beast? Of course you would.

Joe has retired from Merrill Lynch and travels frequently all over the world. He has sharp eyes and sees things a lot of people...

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