South America articles

After reading about an Apple app called OffMaps² in a subscriber’s article (“A Self-Drive Tour of Croatia Plus A Cruise Along the Dalmatian Coast,” Aug. ’15, pg.
In his letter “Advice for Visitors to Bogotá” (Nov. ’15, pg. 12), Stephen O. Addison, Jr., gave a great overview of Colombia’s capital city.
From June 1 through Sept. 18, 2016, Brazil is offering US and Canadian travelers visa-free entry  for stays of up to 90 days to encourage attendance at the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Aug. 5-21.
When my wife and I passed from Puno, Peru (on Lake Titicaca), to Bolivia in a tour bus on May 7, 2015, we learned that group members each could get a single-entry, 30-day visa at the border for $55 cash. (They accept only very new US currency with no wrinkles or tears.)
On March 15, 2015, I had just competed back-to-back group tours and was continuing traveling on my own, scheduled for a 5-day adventure at Angel Falls. (I fly a lot in premium class, and putting many trips together saves airfare.)