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Visitors to Uluru (Ayers Rock) in Australia’s Northern Territory can ride on a 9-mile-long path around the base on a bike rented from Outback Cycling (phone +61 437 917 018, http://outbackcycling.com).
3,300 fossilized footprints from three species of dinosaur — an herbivorous ornithopod similar to a duck-billed dinosaur, a chicken-sized carnivore and a tyrannosaurus-type carnivore — which paleontologists have determined were created during one predatory event, have been preserved in a climate-
My wife and I cruised from Shanghai, China, to Papeete, Tahiti, on the Insignia of Oceania Cruises (Miami, FL; 800/531-5619, www.oceania cruises.com), April 11-June 4, 2015. 
The Lonely Planet eBook guide “Accessible Melbourne” highlights wheelchair-friendly restaurants, shops, scenic sites, activities and participatory sports in Melbourne, Australia, and offers tips for visitors with mobility, hearing or vision impairment.
Visitors to New Zealand can use TravelPass bus passes offered by InterCity (Sky City Travel Centre, 102 Hobson St., Auckland, New Zealand; phone +64 9 583 5780).
When I finally decided to visit my last continent, Australia, I picked Eclipse Traveler (Lake Mary, FL; 800/276-1168) primarily because of their itinerary offering a chance to see a total solar eclipse north of Cairns. 
The Cook Islands is a lovely vacation destination in the South Pacific, but in early April ’13 my companion and I used the Cooks as a stopover for three days, recovering from our 9-hour flight from Los Angeles before continuing on to New Zealand.