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Like many travelers, my wife, Patti, and I had been to only a couple of the seven countries in Central America. We had been hesitant to go on our own after hearing all the reports of crime and gangs, not to mention, most recently, the Zika outbreak in many tropical countries.
My husband, Jerry, and I took a 7-week trip to Mexico and Guatemala, April 23-June 8, 2013, that focused on the Mayan world and also took in nine Spanish-colonial cities.
On Jan. 1, 2014, the Value Added Tax in the border regions of Mexico increased from 11% to 16%. The increase may affect prices of tourism goods, services and transportation for cruise ship visitors and other travelers. 
Two friends and I spent two weeks traveling to several areas in the wonderful country of Panama, Aug. 26-Sept. 6, 2013. Our favorite place was Boquete. This small town is at an elevation of about 4,000 feet, so the temperature was quite pleasant during our visit.
The inviting lobby of Finca Rosa Blanca, near San José.
Making the most of what the outdoors has to offer on an ecotour adventure
10-day/9-night photography workshop in GUATEMALA with instructor David Wells, April 3-12, 2014.
Who should you tip and how much? A worldwide gratuity guideline (this month, countries outside of Europe and the US) (2 of 2)