Travel to Australia

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We, my Wife and I, (retired) wish to travel to Australia from the Los Angeles area.. Due to several problems, we cannot fly, so we are looking for a Ship Passage, but not having much luck in finding passage. Preferbly, we want to travel from Los Angeles to Burnie, Tasmania, or to Melborne. A "Cruise" with a couple of stops would be nice. And, of course, the return trip is a must, after spending a month or so "Down Under" Jack

There is a company in New York called Travltips ( that books freighter (as well as mainstream and small-ship) cruises. You can check their website for information, then give them a call for further information. their number is 800-872-8584. They also publish a bi-monthly magazine with freighter, cruise and small ship reviews and it has numerous ads for these kinds of trips. I often find the ads and listings very helpful.