Rent a minivan in Europe ?

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<p>We have 4 adults and 2 kids under 12 going to Europe for 35 days so will need a van of some type. Have you any experience renting/leasing/buying a larger vehicle ? Suggestions ? Thanks very much!! </p>

I know that Renault has large minivans that might suit you.
Don't know if they will let you use the sale/buyback for a van or not. I have done several cars with them and also Citroen. Worth looking into.

We had 6 adults, and rented a van from Milano airport..Drove around Northern Italy and Switzerland for 2 weeks...Had a great time. Rented from Budget, reserved it online using their US website and got US prices..Had to pay Euros after we dropped it off in Milano, but it was the same price as if we used US cash...It was about 340 Euros...Fuel and tolls were more than the rental...

Thanks for your encouragement! I'll definitely follow up with Budget and others.