El Salvador - Impossible National Park

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<p>If anyone has hiked in this park, do you know if there are any trails that are fairly easy? I have been grounded for most of a year recovering from a broken knee. Improvement has increased dramatically following removal of pins from my knee in early January, and I am now ready to go. I will have a private guide in the country. My travel agent is a Latin American specialist with contracted operators in most countries there. His contact in El Salvador has advised that there is a 5 hour hike available in the park, and also a short hike of only 45 minutes. I am definitely able to do 45 minutes unless it is very steep and rigorous. I am not able to do 5 hours even walking on city streets in the US. If it is fairly gentle hiking, is it possible (no pun intended!) to do part of the hike then turn back before the end, or is it some setup where you must do all or nothing? Are there other trails than these two available? There is a video online of a trail called Las Cascadas (waterfalls) in which you have to jump several feet into pools. This would be COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE for me at this stage of recovery. Any advice most appreciated! Thanks! </p>