Norway In Nutshell - Boat to Train or the Reverse?

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<p>Any suggestions on #1 versus #2 for a Bergen to Balestrand overnight return to Bergen itinerary?<br /> # 1 By train first---<br /> Depart Bergen by train at 840A, arriving Myrdal at 1046A. Change to the scenic Flam Railway train, Myrdal - Flam, 1055A-1150A. Boat from Flam at 330P, arrive Balestrand at 455P. Overnight stay.<br /> Depart Balestrand by boat for Bergen, times 1130A-315P or 455P-840P.</p> <p># 2 By boat first---<br /> Depart Bergen by express boat to Balestrand, times 0800A-1150A or 430P-820P Overnight stay<br /> Depart Balestrand by boat to Flam, 1150A-125P. Flam Railway, Flam-Myrdal, 250P-347P. Train Myrdal-Bergen, 356P-552P. </p>