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<p>Taking a tour with KeyTours, one of the tours can do 3 1/2 days in Istanbul the other only 2 but we get to spend a day and a half in ANTALYA. What is better? </p>

Dear Diane, I believe the 3 1/2 days in Istanbul would be better. We did a two week tour of Turkey 3 years ago. We started in Istanbul, then flew to Antalya, spent a day there seeing the sights, then boarded a gulet (120' sail boat) for 4 nights. After touring most of the country we returned to Istanbul for 2 days. Our tour group all agreed that we'd love to return to Turkey, with a trip of 7 days on a gulet, and 7 days in Istanbul. While in Antalya we visted Perge, an ancient Roman site, mainly distinguished by long rows of Roman columns, and Aspendos, a Roman theatre. We had visited Greece previous to this trip, and had seen lots of Roman columns, and the spectacular theatre at Epidarus, so we didn't find this terribly thrilling. Istanbul, by comparison, is an exciting city, an ideal combination of modern and exotic. It is easy to get around the central district walking or by street car. The people are friendly, the food is great, the bazaars are fascinating. The tourist sites are fabulous, (the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace), but it's fun just to walk around. We loved it! Another issue to consider is the time it takes to get to Antalya, or are you going to be near there anyway? If you want more info, feel free to sene me a private message (PM). I tried to post this yesterday, but lost it. I hope I do it right this time.

Carol, Thank-you so much for the advice, I am a little nervous about this trip, I have been to Europe many times but my last trip was several years ago, due to US business travel. After reading your post I must admit I am feeling better, thank-you so much for your post!!!!