Vantage Travel Group Sizes

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<p>Vantage Travel has been mentioned several times on this message board. I've looked at the website and the land tours (and low single supplements) look good. Can those of you who have traveled with them give me an idea of the average size of your groups on the land tours? Thank you! </p>

I have traveled with Vantage Travel many times. The size of the group is listed for the various tour groups. The group can fill one bus, two, or more - it will state the maximum size for the group in the listing. If the group is large enough to take 2 buses, for example, you will usually ride the same bus, with the same group, for the entire tour. Various local tour guides will be provided at the different stops. They usually rotate seating around so that if you want to sit up front, you will get the chance. These people take quite good care of their single travelers. There are always an abundance of single travelers in their groups that are repeats. Ask any further questions you may have.

Thank you both for your very helpful replies. I will take a close look at the websites and the itinerary notes before making any decision. Appreciate your taking the time to help!