Travel from Rome to Carrara

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<p>Has anyone taken the train from Rome to Carrara? How hard is it to do? </p>

I haven't taken that train but many others in Italy and they have all been very good. I suppose you will need a bus connection to get to Carrarra but I have routinely done Italy all over with public transportation.
One thing to watch out for are gypsies who board trains and hassle passengers, particularly on local trains. They may come and surround you while you are sitting down and distract you while one of the steals something you aren't watching and then jump off at the next stop.
I noticed getting on one car with other passengers that all the regular passengers were turning around and leaving it, while it remained empty so I sat down and realized they were saying "zingari" (gypsies) when they saw the situation and left as I was getting on. I complained to the conductor who said there was little he could do because they had purchased tickets.
This incident happened when I was travelling around the Lucca/Cinque Terre area which is not far from where you are heading. But it was also on a very local, many stop train. Just be aware and prevention is the best policy should this happen to you. Just take your things and get up and leave and be sure to notify the conductor and go to a car with more people in it.