Favorite Hotels

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<p>Recently on a cruise that stopped at Port Chiapas I did an excursion to the Argovia Coffee Plantation - a four star wow of a place and the best coffee we have ever had. Wish they imported it to the US as we lovingly nurse our last bag of it. So anyone in the Chiapas area, be sure to arrange and excurison or even better a deluxe stay at the Argovia Coffee Plantation up in the beautiful hills and lush coffee and flower plantation.<br /> www.argovia.com.mx </p>

The above post appeared on a different topic and brought to mind that forum members might enjoying sharing info about a particularly good hotel. Please feel free to post your reminiscences on a favorite hotel that you would like forum members to know about.

I had a similar experience with coffee in Ecuador (Galapagos) that I thought was the greatest. It took awhile, but I eventually got in touch with the coffee company and they shipped some to me.