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Can anyone recommend a visa processing service that has moderate service fees? I've used G3Visas as well as Zierer Visa Service in the past and their fees run $60-$80 per visa procured in addition to the embassy's fees. I'm hoping to find a company that charges $50 or less to obtain each visa.

We use and they usually charge $50. I think fee varies a bit depending on country. If you click on a particular country from their list, they show the processing fees on the left hand side of the page. Service from them has been excellent.

Thank you, Skunkman, for this information. I've recently books a few trips, one being to study abroad. Our school isn't the greatest on setting outlines for us for the process, so I need to get my visa, international student health insurance, flights, etc. on my own. I will definitely try this route and see how it goes. I'm looking forward to my trips, just not planning them!