Venice to Istanbul cruise


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I am wondering if anyone has taken the Venice to Istanbul (or vice versa) cruise offered by Road Scholar and/or others on the Aegean Odyssey? What do you think of the ship - especially the dining options and general itinerary.

Is the Aegean Odyssey the name of the new Voyages to Antiquity ship? If so, it is getting rave reviews for food, shore excursions and itineraries on Cruise Critic "Other Cruise Lines" forum where people blog about some of the smaller cruise lines. People are signing up for return voyages which is always a good sign. It had a rocky start last year but seems to be meeting and exceeding its original expectations ... except now the Middle East turmoil is literally shooting holes in its wonderful promised itineraries. We had to cancel the one we had planned "Palmyra was the Rival of Rome" because almost every country visit planned found now itself on a warning list from Syria to Lebanon to Egypt ...... and we did not want to risk getting last minute substitutions to places we had already been in this area.

thanks for your reply and the information. Yes, it's the same ship. I looked up its own website - looks much the same as what Road Scholar,aka Elderhostel, is offering.
It sounds good!