vacation apartment rentals in Barcelona

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I would like to hear from anyone who has worked with You Stylish, Chic Room, Destination BCN, Habitat, or Lanatrip when renting an apartment in Barcelona. We have listings from each of them and would like the pros and cons you may have experienced. A couple of them also have the same listings on VRBO and/or Trip Advisor, but the prices are usually lower on their own web sites.

I have rented many apartments in many cities and love this mode of accommodation. That said, I HATE to pony money up front, often with required security deposits and cleaning fees for a site unseen. Therefore, I google "apartment hotels." which may cost a little more up front, but have liberal cancellation fees and no prepayments. I usually start with as the have have great filters to apply. I then always check the accommodation itself before booking. Sometimes dealing directly with the hotel can save money. Just be sure to be aware of all cancellation policies. If you can't easily find it, don't book!