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<p>Looking to go to Uruguay for 10 days in January...want to see a good bit of the country and not just lay on the beach.&nbsp; Can anyone suggest a varied itinerary and accommodations somewhere between hostel and 5-star?</p>

We used South America Travel (www.southamerica.travel) to organize our private tour to Uruguay a few years ago.  The highlight of our visit was a stay at Estanica Guardia del Monte.  There are several of these older ranches that provide accomodation and get you off the beaten path.  We also had an overnight in the historic little town of Colonia del Sacramento.  Montevideo is a big city and not much there and Punte del Este is too overrun for my taste.

Thanks, I will check it out! 

Check goway travel. I am considering this trip

The April 2010 issue of ITN contains an article by someone who took an 11-day trip to Uruguay in January 2010.  See https://www.intltravelnews.com/2010/04/discovering-pristine.  Although the Uruguay-based travel agency that he used to arrange his tour looks like it has folded (it no longer has a website), you might still be able to get some good ideas from the article, including places to visit, hotels, and restaurants.  I haven't been there since 1986 when Punta del Este was a smaller city than it presumably is today.  Colonia del Sacramento was my favorite city.  Montevideo was a "yawn".

I agree with some of the above comments, although I was in Uruguay some years ago.  Unless things have changed radically, I suspect 3 days in Montevideo will suffice as will several days in Punta del Este, and a day trip or an overnight trip to Colonia.  With 10 days in country, that would leave you 3-4 days to spend on an estancia (which I didn't have time to do).  That seems like a workable plan to me.