Ukraine & Moldova

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Would appreciate any information on OAT's trip to Ukraine and Moldova. Thanks. CTS

The first departure for the OAT trip is March, 2014.  The only group tours I know of going to these countries now are Original World, Explore, Mir and Adventures Abroad.   Perhaps people who have been to  Ukraine and Moldova with other companies will comment on the destination as I am interested in this part of the world also.   

I visited Ukraine and Moldova in 2006. For a detailed report see For hotel reservations in the Crimea, plus the train ticket to Odessa, I booked through For the Odessa hotel I used I would have booked directly with the hotels but at the time the hotels I used didn't have English language websites, I would expect things to have changed. For Moldova I used but I wasn't as happy with her as I was with the Ukrainian companies. Instead I would book an apartment directly with  Also, has a five day tour to Moldova, although oddly they don't have one to Ukraine. However, I think both countries can be done on your own. (I wouldn't travel with OAT again if you paid me, but I know some people love them.) I used the Lonely Planet guidebooks, although I sent them an irate email about only having Ukrainian language help in the Ukrainian guidebook (in the Crimea they speak Russian), a problem that has been fixed in the later editions. I highly recomend Lviv.

Of the eight  previous trips taken with Adventures Abroad this one was the poorest. I would not rate it higher than a 7 out of a possible 10.  The leader was excellent, as were most of the accomodations, but the itinerary  was lacking.  Lviv was not covered adquately, and the local guide there was mediocre.   The Golden Circle Tour was a waste of time in my opinion.  We would not have even seen the Swallow's Nest (most famous site in the Ukraine) if we had not demanded it, as it was not on the itinerary.    I could go on, but I do not want to appear so negative.   This trip was just not up to the normally higher standards usually provided by Adv. Abroad.    I suggest that you check with Explore Worldwide, a British company  with offices in the US, that offers a trip to this area  with a better itinerary, better modes of travel and a significantly lower price.


I don't take tours very often these days, preferring to travel independently, but I did recently use Explore for a tour of Jordan. While the itinerary wasn't bad, I cannot otherwise recommend them. The ground agent was inefficient and downright rude, the local guide was a bore, and some of the accommodation wasn't great. I will not use them again.

As I wrote, I traveled independently in these countries, and I can only imagine that things are easier now than in 2007.

Thanks for all the info on Ukraine  & Moldova.  CTS