Travel to Turkey

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Has anyone used Troy Tours, Inc for travel in Turkey? Several of their prices seem very good. Such as 15 day escorted tour of Turkey for $1599 + taxes with air.

Need some advice re tours going to Turkey for about 2 weeks in April-May 2012.
We're trying to decide between Globus, Insight, Gate 1, and Smart tours.
We're ok with "touristy", somewhat less so with a full busload.
Been there , done that!!!

so far I've spent ages researching and it seems that fees and itinerary seem somewhat similar ( I haven't yet checked deals or single suppl.)
So confusion reigns...

Based on your experiences,Can anyone advise?
what are quality of hotels and locations, guides, inclusions, etc - would appreciate the insights.

My wife and I used Gate 1 for Western Turkey a while ago--2003. Group size varies, you can ask them how many are signed up. Our group only had 5 for that part (we took as part of Greece/Turkey). We've probably taken 10 or more Gate 1 tours and overall like the company and especially like the prices. We've taken Smart Tours a couple times. My impression is they are comparable. They often use same hotels and so you meet the other company's tourists every now and then.

We only took Globus once. I don't even check their tours anymore.

I don't know anything about Insight. If you are more adventuresome check out Explore, Exodus, Intrepid, Peregrine, etc.