Travel to the Island of St Helena, South Atlantic


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Has anyone made the trip to St. Helena in the South Atlantic. Do they have regular pax ships to the island?

I am looking at Island Sky for a trip into the southern Atlantic to get to Tristan da Cuhna, can't remember now if it also goes to St Helena - it is part of a boutique firm called Noble Caldeonia that has some of these more off beat itineraries. Most of the regular schedules to this area now leave from South Africa - Capetown rather than the old trusty Royal Mail ships that made their annual trips down this way from London.

The RMS S. Helena ( is one of the last Royal Mail Ships that travels to St. Helena. There is no airport there, so supplies, mail and people travel on/off the island via this ship. They carry passengers and cargo between Cape Town, St Helena, Ascension Island, Tenerife and some other smaller ports. If you take this ship, please comment on the board how it goes -- I've always wanted to do this route!

Good luck with your travel research!