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Looking for insurance for medical only for a trip to South Africa and Lesotho.

Call Dan Drennen

Dan Drennen

Director, Sales and Marketing

Travel Insurance Center

Toll free (866) 979-6753 ext.3621

Direct (402) 343-3621

Fax (402) 343-9959

That policy, named after the woman who used it, is sold by Dan Drennen (details above). It is called the Betty ..... policy - I can't recall her last name. Call Dan and he can give you the details. We have used it also and it is very inexpensive.

Based on AAA recommendation as well as other travel agents, we've used Access America. Cost of policy depends on overall cost of your trip, age, etc. I'm sure they have many policies that would be good for you. 1-800-284-8300. Be sure to ask about pre-existing conditions so you're covered.

I've been using DAN (Divers Alert Network) trip insurance. They provide the full package and a decent price. I recently contacted them about listing a trip cost at less than actual price and this is what the agent responded:

"It is okay to use a lower value if you only interested in the medical and baggage protection and trip delay. Of course if your trip were cancelled you would only be eligible up to the lower amount you’ve covered."

What I like about this insurance is that it is not age-related and for an extra $21 you get an Umbrella Package which doubles medical expense coverage to $40,000 & upgrades it from secondary to primary coverage

This is the link:

Thanks to everyone for the information. Adventuregirl that is the type I am look for. Most of the time I travel standby as my daughter works for CO. All I want is just the medical and baggage protection. My flight cost is very low and in the last 10 years I have only been bumped 2 times for a day.

Thanks once more,

Frosty K5LBU

Thank you for this advice, Skunkman. I had never thought about the point you made regarding pre-existing conditions. That's a very good idea though. I usually shop around for travel insurance as well. Like you, I also don't use the same package and coverage type for every trip, so my prices tend to vary. I have just booked a few trips for this coming year and will definitely be signing up for some sort of health insurance sooner rather than later now that you mentioned the point about pre-existing conditions. Thanks again!

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