Travel to Hue and/or Hoi An from Hanoi

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We will be finishing a Road Scholar trip, ending in Hanoi, and are thinking about visiting either Hue or Hoi An (or both). We have 5 days (Feb. 25 until March 2) and will need to return to Hanoi. Should we just visit one location? try for both? Any suggestions as to the best way to travel? Does $1,000 for two people sound like a reasonable budget for the 5 days of travel? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Shelley

I posted a question about traveling in Vietnam some months ago and got several good leads. It will be my third visit there. I made arrangements with Ann Tours ( and was very pleased with their response time, their professionalism and the fact that they take credit cards, so it is easy to transfer money to them.

You should be able to visit both Hue and Hoi An if you fly to/from Hanoi as they are only about 60 miles apart.

Definitely try for both, 2 nights in both would probably be sufficient + your xtra night wherever. Hue has a large citadel to visit and Hoi An's old city is just so charming -- several cooking school/restaurants -- you can eat there without the classes. Secret Garden was one; can't remember the other -- Brothers? We stayed at a lovely resort-style hotel in Hoi An on the beach, but it would be nice to stay in town to walk around.