Trans-Siberian train trip


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<p>Has anyone done a Trans-Siberian train trip? &nbsp;Have you used Mir Corp (one of ITN&#39;s advertisers) or other tour companies?&nbsp;Thank you! &nbsp;M. Silverman</p>

The Trans-Siberian is a trip of a lifetime!  I did it several years ago on a charter and enjoyed every second.  I've given presentation on it and what follows is info. from my handout.     Sorry that the formatting will be lost -- it is a problem with this website: High End:  •GW Travel  ( runs  trains on the Trans-Siberian line from Moscow to Vladivostok from May to November.   The Golden Eagle, is a luxury private train with 21 carriages including two restaurants and a bar car  link: MIR often contracts with GW Travel for their Trans-Siberian trips. • Bestway Tours occasionally does departures using the Chinese Orient Express and the Trans-Siberian Express from Moscow to Ulan Baatur, sometimes including Mongolia’s Naadam Festival.     1-800-663-0844 Moderate: • The Russian Experience (UK)  • Regent Holidays (UK)-  Specializes in the former Soviet Republics. Have been doing trans-siberian trips since 1980.    • T.E.I. Tours and Travel   (US)   1-800-435-4334    www.teiglobal.comOffers a 12 day  program Beijing to Moscow  link: • Russia National Group (US)    877-221-7120 This is also the Russia Tourist Office and you can download information Budget:•  Intrepid Travel (Australian)   offers several trips: link: Sundowners  (Australian)    link: luck with  your travel research!

I went on a MIR Trans-siberian Rail Tour in 2010 and enjoyed it immensely.  They were very well organized, and the  train was comfortable, food great!  The train was for Western tourists, and there were several groups aboard.I was with Road Scholar---for seniors.Hope this helps.Pat