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<p>Has anyone taken the "Israel Discovery Tours"?<br /> If so-let me know the pros and cons. If you have<br /> taken a different tour that you liked, please let me<br /> know that also. </p>

I have not taken the Israel Discovery Tours.
However, in April 2010 I took a tour to Israel that was exceptional: value, great hotels, excellent guide named Ahron, and fabulous hotel food too. It was a very fast-paced tour covering many highlights including the Dead Sea Scrolls, Masada, the Dead Sea, various religious sites and much more. You will be able to Google the following: Israel Tourism Consultants, a Vacations for Less, Inc. Company. This will bring you to their web-site. Their phone number is 800-933-4421. My conversation and booking were with Alex. They are located in Los Angeles but I did everything on-line, and one phone call. I made my own flight arrangements, but they will help you in this. The tour was 10 days and very reasonably priced. The buses, or coaches, were exceptionally clean and the driver was mindful of his driving.
The single supplement for the tour was very reasonable. I travelled with two friends, a husband and wife. The members of the group were congenial and ranged in age from late twenties to one in his seventies.
Wear comfortable, comfortable! shoes as I did.
Hope this helps.

Thank you Marilyn,
I will look up the website. We are in the
very early stages of planning. Probably
will go in Sept. or Oct.

Check out Isram World of Travel out of New York. I took their trip several years ago and it was outstanding (and Ive been to israel thre other times for work and pleasure) Isram is a little high end but worth every penny .

I have also toured Israel with Isram World, the first time 25 years ago, the last in August of 2010. The guide and accomodations were excellent on both trips. They were also the only tour company that made me feel confident the tour would not be cancelled.
Jerusalem is one of if not my favorite city in the world. I hope you have a great experience, please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Laura, If Jerusalem is one of your favorite cities in the world, could you share specifics of what to do, where to eat, and any extra tips that would help someone who is planning a future trip to Israel? Thanks.

I am not recommending a tour but I have been a VOLUNTEER in Israel 3 times with VFI - Volunteers for Israel ( It was a wonderful way to spend 3 weeks in Israel with the weekends off to travel anywhere you want, which is easy because it is such a small country. If you want more information about this program let me know.
The program goes year round, and there are 2 and 3 week programs.
Caryl Mikrut
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