Taxi service from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport

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<p>I read about a great taxi service from this airport into the city, or wherever, a couple of years ago...on this site? I thought it was here, but now when I do a search, I find nothing. I also had thought I bookmarked it, and porbably did, but can&#39;t find it. Story of my life.</p><p>If you are there, please, can the person who knows about this transport service refresh my memory?</p><p>I would really appreciate it.</p><p>TIA.</p><p>Georgia</p>

After arriving in BKK go to the top floor arrival drop off. The taxi ride into the city will be half the price of the mafia dominated fixed price scheme at the lower level taxi pick up. Those boys do not want to leave without a fare and they are not allowed to drive into the airport to pickup passengers unless they pay the airport an entry fare.

This may be the article you were looking for:    

From the April 2012 issue..............

"I had read about a taxi service in Bangkok, Thailand, owned by a woman, Rat Service (phone [66] 08 9108 2170, e-mail, and decided to book her for my arrival transfer in November ’11. I contacted her a month ahead.

On our drive into central Bangkok, we talked, and I booked her for the following day for sightseeing and shopping.

Rat charges THB800 (about $25) for an airport-hotel transfer (she’ll wait for you in the arrivals hall with your name on a sign) and THB600 for hotel-airport transfer. For sightseeing or shopping, she charges THB250 an hour with a five-hour minimum or a set fee of THB1,200 ($38) for fewer than five hours.

Rat knows her way around the city and can take you to high-end shops as well as wholesale markets and outlets. She has a taxi as well as a sedan, and where you are going determines which vehicle she uses for the best parking opportunities.

In the end, she did all four of my airport transfers on the trip and I also hired her for the three days I had free. She introduced me to some areas of Bangkok I didn’t know existed! Rat is wonderful."


Thanks so much. This is it! I knew I would recognize the name when I saw it.Will contact her right away.Thanks for saving my life! Georgia

Depending on time of day, how much luggage you have, and where you're staying, you might also consider taking the train to/from the airport. Traffic in Bangkok can be outrageously bad. 

What airport taxi mafia? Has something changed recently? I went through Bangkok several times in the spring of 2011, and the taxis from the airport (bottom level, outside, not the touts inside) used their meters (you had to pay 70 baht for the tolls as well, but so what). Now, if you want to talk about the train station... there I had to cross the street to find a taxi driver who would use the meter. The cost into central Bangkok then was well under 500 baht - more like 350.

We were in Bangkok about two weeks ago; second time this year.

Used the bottom level taxi stand and it was about 350 each time. Very convenient.