Looking for Custom Trip to China and Southeast Asia

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Hi, we are interested in a trip within the next two months visiting Shangri-La, Tibet, Xi'an, the Great Wall, Shanghai,and then going to Thailand seeing Bangkok and experiencing an elephant ride then to Laos seeing the Akha tribe and Luang Prabang. We have looked at several tour companies that offer small group trips but they do not offer this itinerary. The one customized agency we found is so over-priced it is not feasible. Does anyone have any suggestions on options to create a trip that has our wishes? We are concerned about trying to co-ordinate all the transportation and guides necessary for this trip on our own. We would consider a small group if they have an itinerary similar to this one. Thanks in advance.

Try Betchart Expeditions - they provide tours for special interest groups. We will be going on our second with them and love how they got us off the beaten path but with a western sense of comfort. http://www.betchartexpeditions.com/

Try this: Find a China/Tibet tour that you like. At the end of the tour fly to Bangkok and do a Thailand/Laos tour. To enjoy these countries you need at least two weeks in China/Tibet then two weeks in Thailand/Laos - so a minimum of one month in Asia.

If you do a two/three week itinerary that combines all the places you mention, it will be a highlights tour and you will spend a lot of time in airports flying from place to place and checking in/out of hotels --- reminiscent of "..if its Tuesday, it must be...."

For a better quality trip, think about concentrating your tavels in one area -- either China/Tibet or Thailand/Laos. Either of these would be great for a two to three week trip. When you look at itineraries notice how many nights you stay at each hotel. A new hotel every night for several weeks can be a challenge.

But..... if you are committed to do just one trip for China/Tibet/Thailand/Laos, take a look at Pacific Delight Tours (www.pacificdelighttours.com) as they have modules you can put together.

Good luck with your search!

Try jeff@jmgtibettours.com. He arranged a fabulous tour for us in May 2010, to Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan. He also does China. I found him in ITN. Not only was the tour terrific, but he called our guides almost every day, from Florida. Tell him Carole from NJ gave you his name. No, I don't get a commission.