Small Group Tour to Ethiopia

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ITN's August issue had an enthusiastic review for a private tour of Ethiopia by Awaze Tours. I am seeking feedback from others who may have taken a small group tour of Ethiopia and would recommend another tour company in addition to Awaze. I am considering Spiekermann Travel. Your comments and/or suggestions would be most appreciated.

All we can do is give another high review to Awaze. We used them to travel to from Addis Ababa to Lalibela in March 2016, they did a fantastic job.

I have done three trips to Ethiopia, ( different areas) with Spiekermann Travel ( Was marvelous and well done. I do recommend

Hello Dittothecat,
Thank you for your reply. Two positive reviews (August ITN and yours) is very encouraging. So far, my email correspondence with Habte has been excellent.

Hello Marcia,
Thank you so much for your input and feedback on Spiekermann Travel. Since you have done three trips to Ethiopia, were you ever there in January when the Ethiopians were celebrating Timket? If so, where were you in the country when the festivities were taking place?
Thank you again!

In January/February of 2017 we did a very comprehensive and excellent 23 day tour with Eldertreks from Toronto, Canada. Our tour covered both the historic north and the tribal south. The demographics of Eldertreks are: 16 pax maximum, with travelers being age 50 and above. We have been on a number of excellent tours with Eldertreks, with mostly American fellow travelers and a smattering of Canadians and Australians. We were in Gondar for Timket.

Hello dianabutler! I had seriously looked into the trip to Ethiopia with Eldertreks. I've heard good things about the company. However, I am only interested in visiting the historic/archaeological area north of Addis Ababa and 23 days is too long for my schedule. Thank you so much for taking the time and care to reply. I am most appreciative. Elaine

In 2013 I traveled to the Horn of Africa with Spiekermann, and on that trip we traveled from the border w/Djbouti southeast to DireDawa and Harar. It was a great trip,and since then I've traveled 3 more times with the company. In Jan 2008 I took an Adventures Abroad trip which covered Ethiopia from North to South, as well as the Simean Mtns. We were in Lalibela for the Timkat Festival. That was also a fantastic trip, though it was full at 21 participants. Ethiopia offers much for the adventurous traveler..

Thank you, Carla. That is valuable information and certainly speaks highly of Spiekermann and your enthusiasm for Ethiopia. I'll post information on this site when I make my decision with whom to go. Elaine