Small Group Tour to Egypt

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My husband and I are looking for a small group tour to Egypt in 2018. Any ones that you would or would not recommend would be appreciated. We're not interested in "budget" operators.

For small group companies that are not “budget” (you might be thinking of Explore Worldwide, Exodus, Peregrine,etc), you might want to contact a travel agent who would be more in touch with higher end companies.
But for a really small group - consider a custom tour where you can arrange to have a private guide and stay in 5-star, or best available properties. Two good companies in Cairo are:
Aegyptus Travel -
Benu Travel

I enjoyed my February-March 2017 trip to Egypt with Elder Treks. There were just 6 of us. Travelers from a previous trip had recommended it. Great photo opps. This is not a budget tour but is reasonably priced. The guide is an archaeologist, and we went to several areas where most tours do not venture.
I highly recommend this trip.