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Has anyone traveled with Travel Concepts International aka The Serious Traveler? How is the group size? Do they use vans for transportation or mini-buses? Am looking for different small group tour companies that have off-the-beaten track itineraries. Have traveled with Eldertreks, Explore, Exodus, Peregrine, OAT, Road Scholar, Imaginative Traveler and a few others and need some new itineraries to think about. Any recommendations welcome. Thank you!

I traveled with Travel Concepts International to Myanmar in Jan. 2006 (or 2007?). I was very happy with them and I still review their schedule to see if there are any tours I am interested in.

There were 8 in our group, 5 people traveling together and the other 3 of us who were each traveling alone. The tour was handled by Diethelm Travel. The tour guide was excellent, the hotels were first class or best available (not luxury, but generally very nice). I think we used a mini-bus, but that may vary depending on the location and size of the group. We went to one or 2 places that I haven't seen on any other trip to Myanmar, which I really appreciated, as I want to get "off the beaten path" in my travels, as well as the standard sights.

I would say that the hotels and food was comparable to Eldertreks. The only other company I have traveled with in your list was OAT (Route of the Maya) and I definitely prefered The Serious Traveler.

I have not used them though I am on their email list. They are a bit pricey, but I expect you do get something for the price. I have been really happy with Far Fung Travel going to Bhutan as well as Tony Hickey going to Ethiopia. I have heard good things about Mir, but not used them. I often try to use a company that specializes in an area for smaller, interesting groups.