A suggestion when requesting a refund from American Airlines

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I had an interesting experience requesting a refund for a canceled American Airlines flight. I knew I was entitled to a refund if American cancels all or a leg of a flight or if it substantially changes (more than 60 minutes) the flight schedule. I called the airlines and the agent said that I needed to apply for the refund online, and gave me the website and also the ticket number, which is needed for the form. I followed the easy to understand procedure and, at what looks like the last page of the application, it only indicates accepting a voucher - there is no choice to accept a refund, which I knew I was entitled to. So I did not accept the “terms and conditions” and checked “no”. Lo and behold, the next page came up with the refund information, including the ticket amount, and the last four digits of the credit card used which would be where the amount would be refunded. The way the process is set up, it looks like receiving a voucher is the only choice. So be aware of this if you are requesting a refund from American Airlines as it would be very easy to make a mistake.